John Cena Teases CM Punk WWE Return?!

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For an unknown reason, John Cena posted CM Punk's Twitter avatar to his nstagram. Which is a picture of Paul Newman from the movie, “Snapshot.” Even if John Cena was posting the photo simply because he was a fan of Paul Newman, posting the same photo is just odd. So, this has to led to so much speculation once again, of CM Punk returning.

Could it be? Is CM Punk be returning to the WWE? Probably not. After all, he is under contract with UFC and he just recently had back surgery that postponed his UFC Fight with Mickey Gail, which was supposed to take place in July. So, this would indicate that CM Punk is in no condition to put on a WWE match.

John Cena may just be trying to stir the pot. Looking as the description of his instagram profile reads, “Welcome to my instagram. These images will be posted without explanation for your interpretation.” However, it's still a mystery as to why he would try and draw more attention to the CM Punk-WWE situation. The CM Punk chants during WWE matches have seemingly faded away, and WWE fans have accepted that he is gone from the WWE for the time being.

Even if CM Punk was returning miraculously, why would John Cena spoil the surprise. CM Punk returning without any expectation of a return, would make the WWE crowd blow the roof off whatever building they are inside of. So, once again, this is a head scratcher.

If John Cena's goal was to get people talking, it certainly worked. We'll see if anything comes of this, but it most likely will be nothing. Neither John Cena or CM Punk has commented on the post. What do you think? Could this be a sign of things to come?

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John Cena Teases CM Punk WWE Return?!