John Cena Retiring for Hollywood?

via blackfilm.com

Speculation is mounting regarding John Cena's future plans. According to dailywrestlingnews Vince McMahon as very impressed with Cena's performance in Amy Schumer's Trainwreck film. Cena is currently auditioning for more movie roles and is shopping a reality show around, not affiliated in any way with WWE.

Cena has constantly said that WWE is his top priority, but Vince feels that can change if Cena keeps getting offers from Hollywood, much like what happened with The Rock 10-12 years ago.

The situation is said to just be a case of Cena keeping his options open and setting himself up for when he does eventually have to retire (he is 38 after all). While Cena doesn't plan to retire soon, it is likely he could be asking for a lighter schedule when his current contract expires. With Cena doing outside projects, he would gain leverage with WWE, much like Brock Lesnar did by mulling a MMA return.

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