John Cena Tried To Change A SmackDown Storyline He Wasn't Part Of

We all know that John Cena has sway backstage, but apparently that even extends to storylines that he isn't even a part of.

Dolph Ziggler's career has gone a little stale. The Showoff would likely admit that himself. It feels like that has been going on for a while. However, there was a brief time relatively recently where WWE managed to breathe new life into Ziggler's career. They did that by having Dolph's long rivalry with The Miz take an unexpected turn when Ziggler put his career on the line against Miz's Intercontinental Championship.

It was a stroke of genius by WWE and a clever way of making a feud that had been beaten to death feel new again. It even seemed like Dolph would be the one losing the match. He seemed fed up with his role in WWE and appeared ready to try his luck somewhere else. That element of realism is exactly what he needed at the time.

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It turns out the brains behind that angle was the recently released Jimmy Jacobs. He recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and revealed that someone not even involved in the angle thought the whole thing was a bad idea, John Cena. Apparently, Cena told Jacobs "We're in a yay-boo business. You've got to leave them with either cheering Dolph Ziggler or booing The Miz," and didn't think that the planned angle would achieve that.

After the announcement was made and the wheels were officially in motion Cena was left eating his words. "I was skeptical of that, but that was a home run. I really felt that," Jacobs says Cena admitted after watching from Gorilla. Jacobs said he was extremely proud when he got that compliment from Cena. Understandably too. He stuck to his guns and managed to prove one of the greatest wrestlers ever wrong and earn his respect and appreciation at the same time.


With Jacobs recently being released from WWE, it's very interesting to hear some of the stories he has. He is also another example of an indie guy with a lot of love for John Cena, directly flying in the face of what many fans think about Cena's relationship with guys like Jacobs. Between Impact and Ring Of Honor Jacobs has been a very busy man since being released which is great for him and let's hope that continues.

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