10 Myths About John Cena That Just Aren’t True

John Cena is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all-time and nothing can ever change or alter that fact. The 16-time world champion isn't currently a featured, full-time member of the main roster, and that's okay.

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Some want to see him appear more often and others are perfectly fine with his current role, but whatever the case may be, there's one thing about the way people talk about John that we just don't appreciate: and that's the mythology. There are so many aspects of Cena's persona both on and off-screen that have been misrepresented, and we're here to set the record straight.

10 He Can’t Wrestle

John Cena has proven time and time again against some of the world’s best wrestlers that he can, in fact, wrestle. Even when he’s not featuring in world title or main event matches, he can still put on a show – and that goes for live events, too.

He’s safe in the ring, he’s precise, and the majority of his moves look legitimate. That certainly hasn’t always been the case but in regards to this query specifically, you simply have to give props where they are due, and Cena deserves it.

9 He Doesn’t Want To Turn Heel

On a few separate occasions now John Cena has confirmed that when the idea of turning heel was proposed to him during his feud with The Rock, he went out and got new music for his entrance and new attire, and was all in on the idea.

That’s the level of commitment that Cena is willing to put behind a heel turn and yet the fans seem to believe he’s against it. It certainly wouldn’t be as impactful now that he’s simply not a full-time guy, but there’s still a lot of love for the idea.

8 The Fans All Hate Him

The ‘John Cena sucks’ chant or the dueling ‘Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks’ chant isn’t an indication that everyone hates John Cena because they don’t. It’s comparable to Kurt Angle’s famous theme song, which served as undeniable proof that he was one of the most over members of the main roster in a really weird and indirect way.

Cena has fans throughout the entire planet and he always will, to the point where his popularity was almost the singular reason behind his big push in the first place all those years ago.

7 He Always Buries People

Even when Cena was beating young talent every single week when defending his United States Championship, he still wasn’t burying them. That tells you all that you really need to know here regarding the guy’s credentials and how great he is for the business.

Whenever he beats someone it’s dubbed as him burying them, but in reality, it’s only happened a handful of times. The majority of the time there is a genuine purpose behind the result of his matches and his haters out there need to learn to accept that.

6 He Didn’t Want To Do Total Divas

If John Cena didn’t want to do Total Divas or Total Bellas for that matter, then the guy just would’ve said no. It was his decision to give it the green light because let’s face it, he’s a big enough star to the point where he could’ve easily vetoed that idea if he had so desired.

It allowed us to take a look behind the curtain and really entertain the idea that John Cena is a human being outside of the ring. Some of it may have been scripted and we’re happy to admit that, but it’s all part of the fun.

5 He Doesn’t Deserve To Be Tied With Ric Flair

John Cena is a 16-time world champion in WWE and Ric Flair is a 16-time world champion, too. A few years back when Cena defeated Styles for the WWE Championship he officially tied the Nature Boy’s record, leading to a lot of criticism within the WWE Universe.

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Unfortunately, we just can’t quite understand why that is. If you don’t like the guy then that’s one thing, but attempting to diminish his accomplishments just because of personal taste is odd. Cena has put in the graft and hard work, and if anything, he deserves to reach number 17. After all, he represents this new generation pretty perfectly.

4 He’s A Bad Actor

In the early portion of his Hollywood career, this would’ve been true, but not anymore. John Cena, both as a comedic and serious actor, has taken his tenure in the acting world to new heights in the last few years.

His role in Bumblebee, for example, was pretty simple, but it really did exemplify the kind of talent that he now possesses. Cena has masterful timing and wonderful delivery, and that’s going to bode pretty well for him over the course of the next few years and beyond in this industry.

3 His Relationship With Nikki Bella Was Fake

Faking a relationship like that for so many years is just kind of ridiculous, and we don’t believe John Cena is capable of that. The guy was as honorable off the screen with Nikki as he was on it, in our humble opinion, and we saw the sincere side of that and what it all meant.

That might just be us being a bit narrow-minded, but it definitely felt, or feels like, a man such as Cena wouldn’t waste his precious time on a relationship that isn’t functioning properly. Do you?

2 He Hates The Idea Of Having Children

From a storyline point of view, Cena was perceived to hate the idea of having children. Alas, when you take a look at how a person acts around children, it gives you a pretty good idea of what they really want.

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Either way, Cena has never gone out of his way to suggest he ‘hates’ the idea. Perhaps his lifestyle wouldn’t suit it but even if that’s the case, fans and media members need to stop getting on his back by suggesting that his feelings towards the subject matter are quite so extreme.

1 He Has Turned Into The Rock

John Cena called The Rock out for leaving the WWE high and dry when he went to Hollywood, before claiming that his part-time schedule hurt the company in the long run.

Then, when Cena went down the same kind of route, fans protested by suggesting that John was doing the very same thing. In reality, it feels more like Cena has a more substantial interest in what’s happening in pro wrestling than The Great One did at the same point in his career. Then again, Cena haters will believe what they want to believe.

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