John Cena Urges Nikki Bella To Retire From WWE

John Cena has told his fiancee Nikki Bella that he thinks she should retire following on from the neck surgery she had in 2016.

While the work that Nikki Bella does while away from WWE has made her something of a mainstream star, the former Diva's Champion is currently getting even more of that mainstream attention than ever before. At the moment, Bella is a contestant on the reality TV show Dancing With The Stars and it's introducing a whole new audience to the life of the female wrestler.

During the latest episode of the show, Bella opened up to viewers about the turbulent year she had in 2016 due to her neck surgery. Although Bella managed to return to the ring seven months after the procedure, for periods it looked like she may never wrestle again. Her twin sister Brie described how Nikki would often be in unbearable pain and on occasions her feet would feel numb.

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Her fiancee and 16-time World Champion John Cena also gave his two cents on Nikki Bella's neck problems and her eagerness to return to the ring, as reported by Fox News. Cena explained that he had told Bella that she should retire from professional wrestling, and it's a belief he stands by to this day despite her successful return run that came to an end at WrestleMania 33. Cena is of the belief that Bella has achieved everything that she possibly can as a wrestler while Bella believes she still has a lot more left to give.

While Cena has a point considering the risks involved with wrestling following a serious neck injury, there still is a lot more left to do for Bella. The twin has been a major part of the Women's Revolution currently thriving in WWE, but for the most part, she hasn't been able to enjoy the end result. With the influx of female Superstars in WWE recently there is likely a multitude of new Superstars that Nikki is eager to pit herself against.


Many fans are quick to criticize Nikki and her sister Brie when it comes to their dedication to the wrestling business, thinking that they only used it as a stepping stone to other ventures. Bella's hunger to return to the ring is proof that those fans are mistaken. Both her and Brie are planning on returning to WWE at some point in 2018 and it doesn't look like what her fiancee wants is going to stop her.

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