John Cena Vs. Batista: The 10 Hottest Women Each Man Hooked Up With

When it comes to the WWE, the names John Cena and Batista are two of the biggest in the business, despite the latter being semi-retired. The two stars have provided some of the best entertainment for wrestling fans over the years, and have won a combined total of 22 World Championships (Batista: 6, Cena: 16).

They’ve also shared a World Tag-Team Championship between them and even have the same interests outside the ring, with both of the supremos hitting the big screen as well.

Cena can boast starring in several films, including The Marine, 12 Rounds and The Wall, and is in the process of filming Daddy’s Home 2.

Batista, meanwhile, played a part in the Scorpion King 3, and has locked down the character of Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy, a role he played in both parts of the movie and will be playing in the upcoming 2018 release.

Cena and Batista also share a penchant for bagging the hottest women around the place, and have quite the playboy reputation. In fact, only CM Punk can claim to rival the two in that regard.

Below is a list of the hottest women they’ve hooked up with over the years.

Feast your eyes.

21 John Cena - Mickie James

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Thought to be the main reason Cena divorced his wife, Mickie James is a five-time WWE Women’s Champion, as well as a one-time Diva’s champ. Cena had been accused of having multiple affairs while married, however his relationship with James proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The two stars didn’t last, though, and Mickie would marry former British wrestler Nick Aldis, who fought under the name ‘Magnus’, after moving on from her relationship with Cena.

“We’re all adults, and you know obviously this business is what it is, and we’ve all had our share of relationships failed,” she said of the affair following her WWE return in 2016. “I think that's being adults and being professionals.”

Seemed fun while it lasted, though.

20 Batista – Melina

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Batista enjoyed a spell with WWE Diva Melina Perez, who went by the ring name of Melina.

Melina is a three-time Women’s Champion and a two-dime Diva’s Champion. And she was the first woman in WWE history to lift both of the titles on multiple occasions.

She dated wrestler John Morrison on and off for well over a decade, but Batista claimed that the two weren’t seeing each other when he became involved.

“Melina and John weren’t together anymore,” he declared. “He was always aware of what was going on, and she was very honest with him. They split up and moved apart, and we started dating each other. She still considers him her best friend in the world. But he always knew exactly what was going on.”

19 John Cena - Elizabeth Huberdeau

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Elizabeth Huberdeau was Cena’s high-school sweetheart and the pair got married in 2009, planning to live happily ever after. Yet that was not to be, and things came crashing down when the pro wrestler asked for a divorce just three years after they were wed.

The above-mentioned Mickie James, of course, shouldered some of the blame. But Elizabeth, who was said to be completely shell-shocked - attacked Cena publicly and claimed that he had cheated on her with several women during the course of their very short marriage.

She also attempted to have the prenuptial agreements overturned.

Ultimately, though, John and Elizabeth (such a biblical-sounding couple) were able to settle things amicably and privately. And the champ would get back on the horse with the stunning Nikki Bella next.

18 Batista - Layla El

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This one is all left to the imagination as it has never been confirmed. But Batista was said to be in a relationship of sorts with former WWE Women’s Champ Layla El.

Layla was the last one to hold the aforementioned title, with it being deactivated in 2010, and is also the first British woman to win the accolade.

Her ruse – if we can call it that – with Batisita was reportedly discovered when The Miz and Morrison thought to prank call her room during the shooting of The Tom Green Show back in 2008. To their surprise, however, it wasn’t Layla who picked up. Instead it was a gentleman who sounded like Batista.

We can only guess what Batista was doing in Layla’s room, if it was in fact him, but your guess is as racy as ours.


16 John Cena – Kelly Carlson

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Kelly Carlson played John Cena’s wife in his movie The Marine, and they made out with hardly any clothes on. But unfortunately for Cena, she was the one that got away. Although we can probably consider making out - under any circumstances - a hook up of sorts, nothing ever happened between the two in real life.

Speaking on the movie in an interview with Howard Stern, Cena said that he wouldn’t have minded hooking up with the actress, but someone beat him to it, as she was married.

He must rue it to this day, as Kelly really is an extremely beautiful and attractive woman. Yet having a 50 % record with women named Kelly – as far as we know, and as you'll soon find out – can’t be bad, right?

15 Batista – Angie Bautista

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After divorcing his first wife, Batista got back in the game with another quite quickly. And apparently, she’s responsible for his obsession with vintage metal lunchboxes.

Batista married Angie in 1998, but eight years later they went through a divorce. Whilst married, he became a collector of the said items after buying Angie an ET lunchbox which she refused to break. That led him to buy another and he later began hoarding the things.

He says his favourite is a 1967 Green Hornet with lunchbox with Bruce Lee on the front.

Batista also revealed that he’s still friends with Angie, and the two got to know each other even better after the split, thanks to his book, Batista Unleashed.

"We have really become close again, which we really haven't been in years,” he said after the book was published. “I really learned a lot about her, and she learned a lot about me from reading the book. She actually saw things from a different perspective from reading the book. So that was definitely therapeutic”

14 John Cena - Kendra Lust

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Well doesn’t the name just say it all.

Kendra Lust is an American adult film actress whose videos can be found all over the internet by means of a simple search. So she obviously isn’t hard to find.

Cena is alleged to have come upon her in a certain gymnasium, according to ex-wife Elizabeth. She is thought to be one of the many women who the WWE star stepped out on her with. Reports claimed that Cena (sinner) and Lust (getting biblical again) saw each other for over a year, but they both denied the claims.

Photos on Twitter of Kendra posing in racy lingerie while holding a championship belt seemed to prove otherwise, yet the actress claimed to have never even met Cena, let alone sleep with him.

She did say that she wouldn’t have minded, though.

13 Batista – Glenda Bautista

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Glenda Bautista, Batista’s first wife, seems to have wiped all of her photos off of the internet. But that’s just us assuming that there were images on there to begin with.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with a peek of her, but it certainly isn’t for the want of trying.

Glenda married the former star in 1990, one year before he began wrestling in the WWE, which is why there isn’t anything to go on in terms of photographs – he wasn’t much to talk about back then. So unfortunately – again – there’s no way of knowing whether she was hot or not.

The pair had two children, Keilani and Athena, and sadly divorced in 1998. Keilani, however, made Batista a grandpa before he hit the big four-oh, giving him two grandsons named Jacob and Aiden.

12 John Cena - Kelly Kelly

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So hot you have to say it twice.

The former Diva was accused of sleeping with Cena whie he was still married, and the WWE tried keeping things out of the public eye by giving her time off and taking her off tours so her name wouldn’t come up in the star’s divorce.

It is reported that Cena had a huge argument with Vince McMahon following the finalization of the divorce, and that resulted in Kelly Kelly – also known as Barbie Blank – getting let go by the company.

There is no real proof of this, and not much has been reported regarding this story, yet would you put it past the philandering Cena?

Anyhoo, Kelly Kelly is now married to former ice hockey player Sheldon Souray, having tied the knot in Mexico last year.

11 Batista – Kelly Kelly

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No, it’s not a mistake. Kelly Kelly actually dated both stars, as well as several others – including Test, Justin Gabriel, Jeff Hardy and Dolph Ziggler.

It’s no surprise, though, as they both got around quite a bit. But Batista claimed he was surprised by his own promiscuity, as he was never a ladies’ man in the past.

“It kind of hit me in the face,” he said during an interview regarding his book. “I had never really noticed it before. But everywhere I went I was flirting with a different girl.

“I don’t where all that started, because my wife was only the fifth woman I had ever slept with. I had never been promiscuous or a woman-chaser. I was actually pretty silent when it came to girls. It kind of hit me in the face then.”

What a thing to get hit in the face with.

10 John Cena - AJ Lee

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This relationship is believed to be fictional by many. But many others are of the view that it was real.

Kayfabe was actually involved. However, given the fact that the former Diva was in high demand by fellow wrestlers, as well as Cena being Cena, it’s not hard to imagine that more could have been going on behind the scenes.

AJ, whose full name is April Jeanette Mendez Brooks, suffered with a bipolar disorder in her early 20s, which sort of explains why she turned on Cena (pretended to) in such a short period of time.

She was quite the Diva during her time as a wrestler, winning the Divas Championship on three occasions, also holding the title for 406 days.

Lee is now married to former WWE star CM Punk.

9 Batista – Rosa Mendes

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Milena Leticia Roucka is best known by her wrestling name Rosa Mendes. The Canadian model is no longer in the WWE, but dabbles in the management of wrestlers from time to time.

Her relationship with Batista was never confirmed, but she does have a few wrestlers on her list. She’s dated the likes of Santino Marella, Eddie Colon and Steven Slocum. She was actually engaged to Slocum, but in 2012, she filed assault and battery charges against him with the San Antonio Police department, also claiming that she was afraid the wrestler would kill her.

The Police also obtained photographs of scratches and bruises on her body.

In 2014, she announced that she was bisexual. Then a year later, she announced that she and her partner, musician Bobby Schubenski, were expecting a baby. She gave birth to baby girl Jordan Elizabeth in February of last year.

8 John Cena - Nikki Bella

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About time we got to Nikki Bella.

But we can all agree that she was worth the wait, as the 33-year-old is as stunning as it gets. Cena and Bella have been seeing each other since 2012, shortly after the three-time champion broke things off with his wife.

Bella was previously linked with another WWE star, Dolph Ziggler, but Cena’s the one in the picture now, and the pair got engaged just last month. Cena proposed to his partner on Wrestlemania 33, following their tag-team victory against The Miz and his wife Maryse.

Apparently, Nikki had been waiting for that moment for a very long time.

"I wish that John would propose to me,” she told colleagues during an episode of Total Divas a little over a year ago. “Just doing therapy and thinking about things, it was actually a month ago when I realized I want him next to me my whole life. I can't live without him."

Well isn’t that sweet.

7 Batista – Rebecca DiPietro

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There isn’t a lot to go on here as it is another unconfirmed consociation. Yet given Batista’s proclivity for getting around with the opposite sex, we aren’t prepared to rule anything out.

Rebecca DiPietro enjoyed a short stint in the WWE after getting hired despite getting eliminated from the 2006 WWE Diva Search. She was released from her contract less than a year later on her own request. The exact reason is unknown, and the WWE said very little upon announcing her departure.

She was said to have dated Batista for a few months, shortly after he divorced his second wife Angie. But as mentioned earlier, there’s nothing concrete to go on. As hot as she is, Rebecca wasn’t liked by many fans, who considered her to be very bad at acting.

6 John Cena - A crew of 6

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Well, we can’t confirm that any of them were hot, but why wouldn’t they be?

Back in 2006, Cena was doing an interview with Howard Stern to promote The Marine, and claimed that he had once hooked up with six women at the same damn time.

The women were fans who came to a show and wanted to have some fun, so he readily made himself available. The wrestler also revealed that his best experience was had with two strippers from Louisville who did all sorts of unimaginable things to him.

And he went on to admit having slept with a woman who was around 280 pounds as part of a ‘locker-room challenge’. He claimed to have enjoyed the experience in the end, and thought that the other party had a good time as well.

5 Batista – Taryn Terrell

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Now a born again Christian, Taryn Terrell led quite the life back in her wrestling days. The former TNA Knockouts champion was also a Playboy model, having appeared in the January 2007 special College Girls edition, the February/March 2010 Lingerie Special Edition and various other issues.

Known as the above name on TNA, Taryn went by the stage name Tiffany in the WWE. And during her stint on the show, she was rumoured to have had a fling with Batista.

Taryn also served as the General Manager of ECW, as well as a ring announcer during her time in the ring. She has since quit wrestling to become a professional stunt woman, and in 2015, she married stuntman Joseph Dryden.

She claims that her wrestling career led her to a life of sin. And we don’t doubt her.

4 John Cena - Victoria

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Lisa Marie Varon, also known as Tara or Victoria, dated Cena way back in 2002, and was accused of having an affair with the champ by Ken Doane, the very wrestler who ratted Mickie James out.

Doane also referred to Victoria as Cena’s ‘road girlfriend’.

Victoria was married to Lee Varon for over 20 years, with the former couple getting wed in 1994 and ending things in 2015, but insists that her relationship with Cena wasn’t an affair, as he was single and she was separated from Lee at the time.

“We have separated a few times,” she explained. One of those times that we were separated, I dated John for about a month. It was not in 2006 or 2007. It was in 2002.

“It was when we were both in Louisville. I was married but separated. John was single. I was never his ‘road girlfriend.”

3 Batista – Shelly Martinez

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Shelly Martinez and Batista probably never had anything going on, but it’s not because he didn’t try – according to speculating WWE fans, who insist that he got her fired because she spurned his advances.

However, she claims that she was sent packing after he told her something offensive and she responded in kind.

“Batista and I had an aggressive conversation backstage and he said something that were unnecessary and uncalled for,” Martinez explained.

“If it was outside of wrestling, I’m pretty sure it could have been a legal problem for both Batista and WWE. But this is wrestling, and it’s a man’s business, so I fired back and they fired me. I was just a vampire girl in the fake ECW; he was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.”

2 John Cena - Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis shared a backstage kiss with Cena during an episode of WWE Raw, but claimed it was only what she was paid to do and was in no way real. However, many seem to be of the view that there may have been a bit more to it.

“I’m an actress first,” she once said in an interview, describing the way she answers reporters when they ask about the famous kiss.

“I sign a contract to play a role and I get paid for it. It’s not reality, it’s a role.”

Cena, though, wasn’t the first wrestler she was involved with, and he wasn’t the last either. She was also in a two-year relationship with CM Punk, and she’s now married to TNA’s Michael Bennett.

1 Batista – Sarah Jade

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Batista married professional pole dancer Sarah Jade in 2016 after dating her for several years. The pair are still wed; but if we are to consider his past marriages, they only have about six years to go.

Sarah is quite good at what she does, and snagged first place at the Miss Pole Dance America 2016. She graduated with a Sociology degree from the University of South Florida in 2011, but decided that she wanted to be a pole dancer after watching YouTube clips of Alethea Austin and Karol Helms, who she considers her idols.

She danced at home for a while, but later began teaching. And in 2012, she opened her own studio called Buttercup Pole Dance.

Batista has had his fair share of hotties over the years. Yet a pole dancer takes the cake.

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