John Cena Working With a 100+ Fever

So in case you didn't know, John Cena is kind of a freak of nature. He doesn't do cardio in the gym, yet he never looks gassed in a match. He drinks six-packs of beer on the road with ease, yet he still looks, well, the way he does.

In his most recent feat of strength Cena revealed today that he's been working all week with a 100-degree fever. He even posted himself in an intense workout while under the weather.

Cena said "last day this young" yesterday, because today he turns 38 years old. Well past a normal person's physical prime, this machine still proves to be a physical specimen. Most of us consider it a huge accomplishment to get our feet on the ground with a fever.

Even in sickness, Cena can kick out at two.

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