All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena was on top of WWE longer than anyone in the modern era. While Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the faces of the company during their runs, they were in and out in under a decade. Meanwhile, John Cena hit the main roster in 2002 and won his first world title three years later. He was then a top main event star in WWE for the next 16 years.

In all, John Cena wrestled in 14 different WrestleMania matches over his career, many of them near the top of the card each year. As expected, his record was almost perfect with 10 wins and four losses with almost every match for a title. He also won six titles and successfully defended his title twice at the biggest WWE event of the year. Here is a look at all 14 of John Cena's WrestleMania matches, ranked.

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All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

While John Cena was at WrestleMania 35, he did not wrestle at the show. Instead, he came out and cut an old-school Doctor of Thuganomics promo and attacked Elias. Interestingly, the year before that, Cena was begging for a match and Elias interrupted him then -- also to be taken out by Cena.

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That was WrestleMania 34, but before Cena could celebrate his beat down of Elias, Undertaker came out. Cena had called out Undertaker for over a month and insulted the legacy of the Dead Man. In one of the most surprising WrestleMania matches ever, Undertaker beat up John Cena and pinned him in a squash match, Cena's most decisive defeat at any WrestleMania show.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena competed at his first WrestleMania in 2004 when he challenged Big Show for the United States Championship. The two began to feud at the Royal Rumble that year when Cena legitimately injured his leg when Big Show eliminated him.

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Cena worked the underdog angle in the match and surprised fans when he pulled off the major upset and beat Big Show for the title. It wasn't without controversy, as Cena used brass knuckles. However, Cena hitting the FU on Big Show was a sight to see.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena missed out on WrestleMania 32 -- the first he did not wrestle at since WrestleMania 20 -- due to an injury. He did show up anyway to mess around with The Rock but did not compete. The next year, Cena was back and it was a first for the former champion.

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Not only was this the only tag team match Cena ever competed in at a WrestleMania event, but it was also a mixed tag match with his girlfriend at the time, Nikki Bella. They beat Miz and Maryse in a forgettable match and then Cena dropped to a knee and proposed to Nikki after the match. They broke up one year later.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

By the time 2005 rolled around, John Cena was one of the most popular stars on the roster. He was nowhere near the over-pushed megastar that he became and, at the time, was actually someone the fans had gravitated to, morphing him from a cocky heel to a confident underdog babyface.

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JBL had been champion for 280 days and the fans hated the arrogant Texan. That made this a perfect match for Cena, who came in with the entire crowd solidly behind him and won his first WWE world title in what was, honestly, a lackluster and mediocre match.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

While this WrestleMania XXVII match does not have the best reputation, it was significant for one huge reason. The Miz beat John Cena in a WWE world title match at WrestleMania. What really keeps this match from receiving any praise is that it was not as much about The Miz as it was about The Rock.

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Despite that, The Miz pulled out one of his better performances and looked to be on even ground with the more respected Cena. The end was controversial, as The Rock came down and Rock Bottomed Cena which is how Miz pinned him, but it was Cena's second loss at a WrestleMania and Miz won his only main event.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

When Bray Wyatt arrived in WWE with his Wyatt Family, he ran roughshod over the company. While The Shield ended up stealing a lot of the spotlight concerning the idea of a new faction, Wyatt captured the imagination of WWE fans who missed unique characters in the company.

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However, things took a wrong turn for Wyatt when he turned to start a feud with John Cena. While Wyatt turned in some memorable moments during the feud, the fact that it culminated at WrestleMania XXX doomed him. Wyatt needed the win to legitimize his reign and ended up losing to Cena to end his momentum.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena was involved in two straight triple threat matches at WrestleMania and the one at WrestleMania XXV was the lesser of the two. With that said, the fact that this match saw Edge and John Cena fighting each other proved this was going to be a great match, as their rivalry was arguably the best of Cena's career.

The third man involved was Big Show, years after Cena made his WrestleMania debut by lifting the big man on his shoulders for the FU. The biggest moment in the match came when Cena lifted Big Show and Edge onto his shoulder at the same time and hit a Double FU. He ended up hitting a second one on Big Show and won the match, his third title win at a WrestleMania.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena had back-to-back title defenses at WrestleMania against Triple H and Shawn Michaels and was legitimizing himself to fans as the Face of the WWE. At WrestleMania 24, Cena's fifth at the big event, he was involved in his fourth consecutive world title match -- this one a triple threat match for Randy Orton's WWE title.

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Triple H was the third man involved, working as a babyface at this time with Orton as the only heel in the match. The match itself was great, with a ton of big spots and ended with Triple H hitting the Pedigree on Cena and Orton covering for the cheap pin -- Cena's first ever WrestleMania loss.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

Just like he did with Bray Wyatt the year before, at WrestleMania 31, John Cena was put into place to end the monster momentum of Rusev as well. After debuting in WWE as an unstoppable monster, Rusev even got an awesome entrance to this match, riding to the ring on a tank.

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Rusev did the best he could, turning in a great match with Cena and proving he belonged, but the end was never in doubt. This match was for Rusev's United States Championship and Cena ended up winning with the Attitude Adjustment to push his record to 9-3 while Rusev lost the first match of his main roster career.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena was the Face of WWE and, at the time, Batista was easily the second biggest name in the entire company. This was a time where the two men easily could have carried their own brands and did for a while. However, the time came at WrestleMania XXVI when WWE booked the dream match -- John Cena vs. Batista.

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Batista had turned heel and beat up Bret Hart to lead to his feud with Cena. The Aimal won the title from Cena and this was their rematch. The match was another underdog match for Cena, with Batista dominating the entire match until Cena overcame the odds, locked in the STF and Batista tapped out to give Cena his sixth WrestleMania win.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

One year after The Rock beat John Cena to win the WWE title, the two men fought again. This match was not as good as their battle the year before and it honestly wasn't as good. One thing that this match had going for it that their first one didn't was the WWE title, which Rock had won from CM Punk.

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The end was a nice play on the previous match, but while Cena got cocky the year before and lost, he played it smart this year and ended up hitting The Rock with the Attitude Adjustment to win the match, the title, and put an end to their feud.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

This match was John Cena's third WrestleMania match and the fact that he was defending his world title against Triple H proved that Cena was now sitting at the top of the WWE. In some fun trivia, John Cena came out to a gangster entrance theme and one of the gangsters that came out with Cena was a pre-WWE CM Punk.

Interestingly, this was also the year that the fans started to turn on Cena and many cheered the heel Triple H. With that said, Cena defended his title successfully in a pretty good match and went 3-0 at the biggest event of the year.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

John Cena and The Rock had back-to-back WrestleMania matches. The first was set up when The Rock showed up at WrestleMania 27 and attacked Cena, allowing The Miz to pin him in the title match.

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This put The Rock and Cena on a collision course for WrestleMania 28, with Cena standing up for WWE fans who watched The Rock abandon them for Hollywood -- although fans were still on Rock's side. Much like The Rock and Hogan from year's prior, this was a Dream Match that was bigger than the action in the ring. Despite that, The Rock always puts on a show and here he beat Cena.


All Of John Cena's Wrestlemania Matches, Ranked

Is it any surprise that the best WrestleMania match of John Cena's career came against the man known as Mr. WrestleMania? One year after Cena successfully defended his world title against Triple H, he ended up stepping into the ring to defend it against The Game's best friend Shawn Michaels.

Most wrestlers can say that their best WrestleMania match was against Shawn Michaels and John Cena is no different. It was Cena who won the match and retained his title, and while fans turned on him the year before, they recognized the talent on display in this match -- possibly the best of Cena's entire career.

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