John Cena Discusses Being Wrong About The Rock Making Acting A Priority Over WWE

John Cena used to think that The Rock was letting the WWE Universe down when it appeared that he prioritized acting over wrestling. But now that he's a big-time actor himself, he's had to admit that he was wrong.

Cena has starred in several films since his debut in The Marine 13 years ago. His latest movie, Playing With Fire, hits theaters today and, speaking to Sports Illustrated in a promotional interview, the WWE superstar explained his view on acting now as opposed to how he perceived things when he just got into it.

“Originally, I did movies - 12 Rounds, The Marine, a lot of the WWE Films movies - because I was explained that it would be good for the WWE business model,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t want to be in movies, and that’s because I loved being a WWE champion.

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“Nowadays, I’m a storyteller. I love telling stories and being able to entertain an audience, whether it’s immediately or a year-and-a-half after you shoot a film. I have my 10,000 hours on the canvas. I can see the ones and zeroes. I fancy myself with being able to have perspective of that.”

Cena's infamous beef with The Rock has since been snuffed out by what has become a really great friendship and we should be seeing them work together in Hollywood soon enough, with the former having joined the Fast & Furious franchise. Cena is also part of a project The Great One is working on, a film called The Janson Directive that should be out within the next few years.

“I’ve told Dwayne Johnson that when I called him out for a lack of love for WWE, I was wrong,” Cena revealed. “I was ignorant. He loves WWE, but he goes from shooting one project to the next. He blazed a trail and I didn’t understand that, but now I totally understand. I was wrong. It led to a good piece of business in WWE [at WrestleMania 28 and 29], but I was speaking from a point of selfish ignorance.

“When you’re filming, there is simply no way to be with WWE. You just can’t. Even when we don’t film on Sundays, if I come back for a weekend show and get hurt or break my nose, I could jeopardize the entire film. Movies force you to make the choice. When you sign on for this, this is what you have to do–and this is what I am so excited to do.”

The Irony

Nowadays, you're probably more likely to see the Rock on WWE programming than Cena despite the Hollywood star being retired.

It's still cool that Cena isn't being hypocritical over this as well as admitting that he was wrong.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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