John Cena's SNL Rating Revealed

It is considered a Saturday night institution. For over forty years, Saturday Night Live has served as a social and political stomping ground where comedians have attempted to make sense of the chaos and concern of a nation.

While the show has seen its up and downs; its good and bad years, one thing has remained a constant: on Saturday nights in New York City, a host (usually enshrined in popular culture) will take hold of the stage and try their hand at comedy.

We have seen The Rock take this famous stage a number of times over the years and this past Saturday night, "The Great One's" true counterpart, John Cena would arrive at 30 Rockefeller Plaza to take his shot at creating comedy gold.

So, how did John Cena fare?

The fifteen-time World Champion would portray a delusional Donald Trump, a Fabio-esque erotic bookstore employee, and a hype-up (not far from real life) version on Rob Gronkowski.

And according to the numbers, John Cena drew a 4.8 live same day rating as well as a 2.3 with adults between the ages of 18-49.

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