John Morrison's GFW Debut Date Backstage Update

By now, you may be aware that John Morrison (aka Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground fans out there) has been appearing at GFW house shows. But it might not be much longer before he makes his Impact Wrestling TV debut, making him the latest ex-WWE star to bolster the rival company’s roster.

According to a report from Wrestling Inc., Morrison was originally booked to appear at StocktonCon 2017, a pop culture convention to be held on Aug.19, 2017, and Aug. 20, 2017, in Stockton, California. Unfortunately for those who were hoping to see JoMo at the event, the folks behind StocktonCon announced on Twitter that due to contractual issues with GFW, Morrison won’t be showing up after all.


As GFW’s next set of tapings for Impact Wrestling is scheduled from Aug. 17, 2017 through Aug. 20, 2017, at the company’s Orlando home base, this makes perfect sense, and could hint at John Morrison making his GFW debut very soon. GFW’s website states that the Aug. 17, 2017 episode will be live, so we could very well be seeing the Prince of Parkour make his first-ever appearance for WWE’s longtime rival, six years after he had last wrestled for Vince McMahon.

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With Alberto El Patron being stripped him of his Unified Championship belt, Morrison's upcoming debut is a big development for Jeff Jarrett, Ed Nordholm, and company. At 37 years of age, JoMo isn't that old yet, and his work as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground helped keep him relevant in the eyes of wrestling fans. It's also helped that he was one of several wrestlers to guest-star in Netflix's GLOW series, though he lasted all of one episode as fictional wrestling veteran/trainer Salty "The Sack" Johnson.

Obviously, big things are expected out of Morrison now that he could be appearing on Impact Wrestling in just a few days from now. Look for GFW to make him an instant championship contender, especially now that the Unified Championship is officially vacant.


As an ironic aside, we're also sure Morrison is elated to be free of his StocktonCon duties and presumably set to take part in this week's Impact Wrestling tapings – as you can see above, StocktonCon confirmed that his ex-girlfriend Melina will be appearing at the California event, not long after it was announced that Morrison was no longer booked. Seeing those two together at a pop culture expo would have been all sorts of awkward, considering how Melina dished some VERY personal dirt on her ex-beau not too long ago, though the two did appear on Lucha Underground together even if it was for a brief period of time.

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