10 WWE Superstars We Can't Wait To See John Morrison Face

After eight years away from the company, John Morrison is returning to WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion is known for his high-flying arsenal, as well as his multiple tag team championship reigns alongside Joey Mercury.

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Morrison has made a name for himself during recent years on the independent circuit, notably in Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo. Given that WWE has changed during the previous eight years, it will be a different environment when Morrison makes his return. Can he still tangle with some of the very best in the promotion? Fans around the world are excited to discover the answer to that question. Here are ten Superstars from WWE's updated roster we can't wait to see Morrison face.

10 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is a main event Superstar, and a feud with a returning John Morrison would be a great way to propel Morrison straight back into the spotlight. Both are former Intercontinental Champions, and the two are capable of delivering jaw-dropping in-ring performances.

As Rollins currently holds the Universal Championship, there is a natural opportunity for Morrison to return as a challenger... providing The Fiend doesn't win the title in the meantime.

9 Bray Wyatt

Considering Seth Rollins has an upcoming clash with The Fiend at Hell In A Cell, the Universal Championship might not even be around the Beastslayer's waist by the time John Morrison returns to WWE. In that case, a match with Bray Wyatt is also possible.

The Fiend has targeted WWE alumni in past weeks, which provides the opportunity for an altercation. With the two Superstars having different gimmicks and in-ring styles, it would be interesting to see a feud between the two.

8 Andrade

Andrade is an exceptional talent who has entertained fans with his high-flying antics since NXT. Should El Idolo and John Morrison ever meet in a WWE ring, it would an excellent spectacle of wrestling ability.

A program with John Morrison would have the potential to elevate Andrade's relatively young WWE career to a higher platform. Given enough time to develop, the two Superstars could eventually begin feuding for a mid-card belt, such as the Intercontinental Championship.

7 AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a phenomenal wrestler who had an impressive run with the WWE Championship. A high-profile feud between Styles and Morrison has unlimited potential to succeed.

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The fast-paced, flashy style of both Superstars would make for an in-ring delight that could attract valuable viewership as SmackDown moves to Fox.

6 Finn Balor

Finn Balor is another exceptional wrestler whose in-ring style shares similarities with John Morrison's. Although the Demon hasn't had the best booking, a program with Morrison could be what elevates both of them to the main event, as Balor's entrance alone is an entertaining spectacle.

Balor currently performs on the SmackDown brand, which will likely be aiming to include significant moments to sell its debut on Fox - like John Morrison's in-ring return.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura is another former NXT Champion with incredible in-ring abilities. The Artist honed his craft in Japan, before becoming a successful staple star for WWE's developmental. Matches involving the King of Strong Style and Morrison have the potential to become candidates for Match of the Year.

Nakamura's recent partnership with Sami Zayn has been entertaining, as the Underdog from the Underground has delivered entertaining promos on the microphone. With Zayn's mic skills, segments involving all three Superstars have the potential to attract viewers.

4 Baron Corbin

WWE is continuing with Baron Corbin's push, and the Lone Wolf has been picking up momentum as a detestable heel garnering visceral heat from the crowd. With his recent victory in the King Of The Ring tournament, his slow push back to the main event seems inevitable. His character is a natural heel and the crowd can't wait to see him fall.

John Morrison will have the natural babyface momentum of a returning Superstar behind him on his debut. Corbin would be the ultimate antagonist for him to face and the lines between babyface and heel would be clear.

3 The Miz

The Miz has also had multiple reigns with the Intercontinental Championship that have elevated the belt, so a program between the two for the title seems an inevitable conclusion. Considering they are also former tag team partners, there is plenty of fuel to add to that fire.

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Both former Tough Enough contestants, Morrison and Miz performed on the ECW brand, appearing sporadically on SmackDown and Raw. They won the WWE Tag Team Championships before their subsequent split and feud. As it was The Miz who initially betrayed his partner, it would be a cool irony if they were to reunite only to have Morrison turn on the A-Lister.

2 Dolph Ziggler

Another Superstar who has previously feuded with Morrison is Dolph Ziggler. The pair have had numerous bouts for the Intercontinental Championship. Morrison successfully defended the title at Hell In A Cell in 2009, though Ziggler balanced the scales with his victorious title defense at Survivor Series in 2011.

The history between Morrison and the Show Off provides a gateway of opportunity to develop another program between the two, following Morrison's return to the ring. Both wrestlers have continuously honed their craft during the past eight years, which only skyrockets the potential of an already natural feud.

1 Adam Cole

John Morrison does not have to return to the main roster now that NXT has moved to the USA Network. His in-ring debut would be the main event attraction for WWE's developmental brand, and the former Intercontinental Champion could set his sets on reigning NXT Champion Adam Cole for a high-flying, high-profile program.

Cole has excelled in NXT as a villainous member of The Undisputed Era. Morrison provides the platform for a traditional heel versus babyface bout that developmental has boasted successfully during recent years, as well as gripping in-ring performances.

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