Johnny Gargano Has One Thing Left On His NXT Bucket List

Johnny Gargano revealed a bucket list of everything he aimed to do while in NXT, and there's just one thing left for him to check off.

Johnny Gargano is a very well liked WWE Superstar when it comes to the WWE Universe. Known affectionately as Johnny Wrestling due to his talent and ability, Gargano has been an NXT Superstar for over two years now. His time in the developmental brand has been a wild ride for that has included everything from winning the NXT Tag Team Championships to competing in last year's Cruiserweight Classic.

For the majority of his time in NXT, Gargano had his real life best friend Tomasso Ciampa by his side. It's with him that he won the aforementioned tag titles and also competed against him in the CWC. Ciampa has since turned on Gargano of course, but Gargano made it pretty clear that not everything he achieved and still wants to achieve in NXT is reliant on being part of a tag team.

Earlier this week, Gargano took to Twitter to reveal a bucket list that he made for himself when he signed for NXT. It features seven goals, six of which Johnny Wrestling already accomplished. Gargano has been a tag champion, competed at Takeovers, one of which he main-evented, been in a Match of the Year, had an action figure made of him, and with the release of WWE 2K18 next month, he will be in a video game. The one thing left is winning the NXT Championship.

When you look at the current landscape of NXT, gunning for the brand's biggest title may be a step beyond what Triple H has planned for Johnny Gargano, but most would have looked at Gargano's bucket list two years ago and likely rolled their eyes at what he thought he could achieve while he was there. A short two years later and most of it is already done.


The NXT Championship landscape is currently occupied by champion Drew McIntyre along with Roderick Strong and new signee Adam Cole. It would take a significant swerve for Gargano to be introduced into that scene. You never know though, maybe Johnny Wrestling will be NXT Champion before he is moved to another roster, most 205 Live.

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