Johnny Impact To Compete On Survivor

Impact Wrestling star and independent high-flyer, Johnny Mundo (aka Johnny Nitro, aka John Morrison) is well known for working on projects outside of professional wrestling. He's been an actor, in comic-book films on YouTube, a guest on television game shows and is now adding to his resume reality television with an upcoming role on the 37th season of Survivor. 

The theme for this season is “David vs. Goliath” and Morrison will play a Goliath — a competitor who comes from privilege with all of life's great advantages given to him since he can remember. The idea of the show is to see if the "Davids" — those born with what society deems as disadvantages — can outwit and outsurvive those who, on paper, should be the victors. It's an interesting concept for a show, and Morrison, who has been seen as one of the more gifted and charismatic wrestlers in the last decade should fit right in.

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Entertainment Weekly conducted an interview with Survivor‘s host, Jeff Probst and he had this to say about Morrison's involvement":

"But we just never got to it [a theme for the show] this season. And then I remember a day when this guy Christian came in, and he told us his story which was that he was always a bit of a nerd when he was a kid, and he had to overcome social awkwardness his entire life. He was picked on, and you can see it in how he carries himself, his body language — it’s almost like he has to get permission before he speaks. So he was, in many ways, this personification of a David.... And then we had a guy that was the polar opposite. This guy that’s known as Johnny Mundo [a.k.a. John Morrison], the mayor of Slamtown. He’s a professional wrestler, he’s gigantic, he’s charming, and he’s smart. He started with advantage, he had a great family, and he’s used all of these skills to slay everybody his entire life."

During the promo for the show (you can see the video above), Morrison said, "I'm fast as a corvette as big as a hummer and millions of wrestling fans know me as Johnny Mundo, The Mayor of Slamtown, and I've been a champion of every organization that I've worked for. I'm something extraordinary." Needless to say, Survivor is going to portray Morrison as the heel in this role and that he should be quickly hated by the viewing audience.

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