5 Jon Moxley Dream Matches That’ll Never Happen (& 5 That Might)

Now, the world is his oyster with a series of entertaining dream matches being ahead of him - but even with that being the case, there are plenty of potential bouts that could've happened once upon a time that almost certainly won't go down now. It's a shame, but we want to look at both sides of the coin and see whether we should be more optimistic or disappointed.

10 MIGHT HAPPEN - Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc's style may not suit everyone’s taste, but one person it absolutely gels with is Jon Moxley. Havoc has already made it crystal clear that he wants to throw down with Jon at some point in the not so distant future, and we can’t think of a deathmatch fan on the planet that won’t want to see it.

Some will argue that the two are just on completely different levels, but when you consider the type of match Jon had with Kenny Omega, it’s clear to see he could do even better with Havoc.


We all miss Mick Foley and we all wish that we could see him get back inside the squared circle once again. However, we can just about guarantee that we all would rather see him be healthy. If Mick steps foot inside the squared circle again and takes a nasty looking bump, it isn’t going to end well for him.

These two heavily teased a showdown many years ago during WrestleMania weekend, but after Mick failed a medical that would’ve allowed him to compete, it was pretty much confirmed that he was going to retire.

8 MIGHT HAPPEN - Kazuchika Okada

It’s the king of Japan against, well, the most insane man in America. Okada is everything that Moxley isn’t, and we mean that in a good way – but, you know, it can be viewed in a bad way, too.

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Okada is well known for being one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet and you just know that the “Lunatic Fringe” will want to do everything in his power to prove that title belongs to him instead. We don’t even care if their styles don’t mesh together well, because we want to see it go down regardless.


Unfortunately, the beloved Roddy Piper passed away a few years ago. Even if he was still alive, he would’ve been way too far past his prime in order to compete in a match of this magnitude.

Just picture, though, for a moment, a scenario in which he was in his prime at the exact same time as Jon Moxley. There’s an endless amount of potential for the kind of things these guys could get up to on the big stage, and we almost think it’s a match that would be too big for WrestleMania. Yeah, we said it.

6 MIGHT HAPPEN - Zack Sabre Jr

We really do feel like the styles of these two guys would make for one of the matches of the year, and while that may sound like an overstatement, it’s really not. Zack Sabre Jr is highly regarded as one of the best pure wrestlers of his generation and you won’t find too many folks who would debate that.

Moxley isn’t going to have time for any of his nonsense, which is what would make for such a fascinating dynamic between the pair and while there’s no guarantee of an in-ring connection between them, we’d say there’s a pretty good chance they’ll get along just fine.


While CM Punk’s return to WWE programming may signify to some that he’s ready and willing to step back inside the ring and compete, we think quite the opposite. While he clearly still has some kind of passion for the business still, we aren’t so sure that means he’s going to pull on a pair of boots and start bumping again.

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We got a match between these two when Ambrose was down in developmental and again on the main roster, but we feel like at this stage of their careers, it’d be a different sort of bout altogether.

4 MIGHT HAPPEN - Sami Callahan

The Switchblade Conspiracy is the tag team name of Ohio natives Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan, both of whom have seen their careers go in very different directions. While they may be in different companies still, it feels like just a matter of time until they reunite – or, better yet, become the worst of enemies.

The intensity that these two guys are going to work with when they do meet is going to be tremendous, and we’re so unbelievably excited to see what they can conjure up, regardless of the stage.

3 NEVER HAPPENING - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin may be returning to our screens on the WWE Network with the his talk show, but that means nothing in comparison to how fun it would be to see him compete again.

During an episode of the aforementioned podcast from a few years ago, Austin and Moxley went toe to toe in an odd verbal showdown. It gave us a small yet entertaining look into what would happen if these two ever actually got involved in a physical feud of some kind. In another world, it’d happen.

2 MIGHT HAPPEN - Minoru Suzuki

Minoru Suzuki is a bad, bad man, and the whole wrestling world wants to see him square off against Jon Moxley. Honestly, it feels like the most requested potential match-up that Jon could have after leaving WWE, which is insane when you think about how many great guys there are out there for him to wrestle.

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The main appeal of the match is that it’d be so unbelievably stiff, and while that isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, you can bet it’s going to draw some eyes to whatever promotion they’re competing for.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart was a magnificent technical wrestler back in his day and that much is obvious. If he was given the chance to extend his career a few more years then he may have run into Jon Moxley in the early stages of his career, but it still would’ve been unlikely.

We feel like Moxley would’ve been able to draw out the kind of Hitman magic that we saw during his stint against Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’d be an awful lot of fun, but it’s not going to happen.

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