Jon Moxley Delves Deeper On Why He Left WWE

Jon Moxley has given more information on his departure from WWE, citing that he was sick of being made to look like an idiot.

A number of different WWE Superstars have been linked with making the jump to AEW this year. However, there are only a handful who have actually managed to do so. The man at the top of that list is Jon Moxley. During a time when others are being denied their release from WWE, it could be argued that more of them should try to follow Moxley's lead.

Instead of requesting his release, Moxley kept his head down and finished up his dates. He only revealed his plans to WWE when it came time to sign a new deal, at which point he turned them down. The former WWE Champion recently revealed to Fightful that he knew he wanted to leave as soon as he returned from his injury.

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"I knew I was leaving. But I was pissed about it. I wasn't excited to leave, I was bitter about it," Mox explained during the interview. Mox also revealed that he was sick of being made to look like an idiot. "Can [WWE] not write just one good storyline? Can they just give me one good promo? Does everything have to be f***ing stupid?"

Some of that stupid stuff included Moxley competing in an Ambrose Asylum match against Chris Jericho, and a very brief feud with Nia Jax. Ultimately, Moxley had had enough and sought out potentially greener pastures. Not AEW necessarily, as he has said multiple times since leaving and reiterated during this most recent interview. It didn't need to be AEW, he just no longer wanted to work in WWE.

Moxley obviously isn't the only person to have become disillusioned with WWE recently. Shawn Spears, Dustin Rhodes, plus wrestlers like Sasha Banks and Luke Harper who were rumored to have wanted out but simply weren't allowed. It seems as if the key is to keep your complaints private and simply ride out the storm. It has certainly worked out well for Moxley.

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