Jonathan Coachman Explains Why He Left WWE

Former WWE commentator Jonathan Coachman left the company nearly a decade ago, but has been ESPN's top wrestling analyst since he joined forces with them. But after such a remarkable run in WWE, it's hard for many of us fans to understand why he would ever leave.

Well, on Eric Bischoff's latest podcast episode, Bischoff is Wrestling, Coach revealed why he left the company in the first place. Via WrestleZone, Coach and his wife were having their first child, and he wanted to be around them while they were growing up.

Coachman also said that WWE wasn't actually his dream, but rather ESPN was because he always wanted to be a sports broadcaster. Coachman also said that most other networks refused to hire him unless he moved on from wrestling.

Well, we fans are glad for the Coach. There's no denying he was extremely talented in WWE on the microphone (and as Mr. McMahon's sidekick), but seeing him succeed in ESPN is a reminder to always follow your goals.


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