McMahon's Football Investments May Go To An NFL Franchise NOT XFL

Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman believes Vince McMahon's potential involvement in football may not be as simple as it first appears.

Vince McMahon is up to something, but nobody seems to be able to figure out what exactly that something is. The WWE chairman recently created a new company named Alpha Entertainment that is seemingly separate from everything pro wrestling, plus McMahon has been selling vast amounts of WWE stock in order to help fund this mysterious side project.


One of the few things we do know about the venture is that there is a possibility that the company will involve itself in football in some way. That along with the fact that the company recently filed a trademark for the XFL, as well as some other football related terms, has fans believing that the failed football league will be making a comeback at some point in 2018.

While former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman believes that McMahon bringing back the XFL is a very real possibility, he also has another interesting theory in mind. Coach spoke to TMZ Sports recently and speculated that maybe Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment are planning to purchase the Carolina Panthers. The franchise is currently up for sale following their current owner being accused of sexual harassment.

Coach is not only someone who worked with Mr. McMahon for a decade, but he also pointed out that he would be the perfect person to ask for advice should his former employer need it. His experience with WWE and ESPN makes him extremely qualified when it comes to both pro wrestling and football. He also explained why McMahon might be interested in the Panthers, revealing that the WWE owner is actually based in North Carolina and owns a restaurant there.


What exactly Vince McMahon has planned with Alpha Entertainment is an extremely hot topic of conversation right now. An XFL relaunch would be fascinating considering how poorly that venture went the first time around. However, Mr. McMahon in charge of an NFL team might actually be equally as interesting. The initial reports that sparked these talks claimed that McMahon would make an announcement at the end of January, so we likely won't get a definitive answer about what his plans entail until then.

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