Jordan Myles Points To Hulk Hogan's Employment Via Latest Shot At WWE

The situation between WWE and Jordan Myles continues to escalate as Myles offers up Hulk Hogan's continued employment as proof of the company's racism.

In many ways, WWE has been ahead of the curve over the years. Taboo Tuesday, for example. A PPV during which fans voted for what they wanted to see unfold on screen. Those shows took place long before fan votes on other TV shows, and well before people could vote for things they were watching on TV via social media.

However, in other, much more serious ways, WWE has often been behind the curve. The women's revolution, for example. Great that it has happened and made for some terrific moments, but it took place well after women were excelling in other sports. WWE has often been accused of doing the same with black performers, or non-white wrestlers in general. Playing up their stereotypes and not treating them seriously.

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An example of WWE seemingly using a stereotype on a piece of merch is currently causing quite a stir. A Jordan Myles t-shirt that the NXT Superstar has accused of being incredibly racially insensitive. The product, which has since been removed, appears to resemble someone using blackface, is a plain back tshirt with red lips and Jordan Myles's name spelled out in white letters representing teeth inside the lips.

Myles has been very outspoken about the insensitive design on social media, and WWE has since responded. However, Myles has hit back by pointing at Hulk Hogan's re-employment by WWE as further evidence that the company is racist. "The fact that Hulk Hogan is still employed after giving the locker room an apology for being caught says enough," Myles tweeted.

The NXT Superstar also posted a video in which he says, "WWE doesn't care about black people" before flipping off the camera. That post has since been deleted, but the Hogan one remains. There were reports that Hogan's apology was recorded for a WWE documentary to be shown in the future. However, following accusations that it came across as, as Myles puts it, an apology for getting caught rather than for the horrible things he said, chances are that footage will never see the light of day.

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