Jushin Liger Unmasks To Reveal Kishin Liger At NJPW Destruction

After Minoru Suzuki tried to remove Jushin Liger's mask, Liger removed it himself to become Kishin Liger for the fourth and final time.

Masked wrestlers and luchadors are a celebrated part of the wrestling business and have been for pretty much as long as it has existed. Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Mil Mascaras, Blue Demon. All examples of hugely famous and massively popular masked wrestlers from throughout history. It is also considered hugely disrespectful for an opponent to try and remove a wrestler's mask.

It's an angle that wrestling promotions have been revisiting for as long as masks have been worn in the ring. It feels as if someone tries to whip off Mysterio's mask every time he has his back turned. It takes something particularly special for an attempted or achieved mask removal to make news nowadays. That happened at New Japan's Destruction this weekend.

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Suzuki-gun competed in an eight-man tag team match against four other competitors, one of which was Jushin Liger. The match came to an end when Minoru Suzuki attempted to remove Liger's iconic mask, and the veteran revealed something he has done very few times in his career. His alter ego, Kishin Liger. Kishin Liger doesn't wear a mask, and instead paints his face as you can see from the clip below.

After finishing off the mask removal himself, Liger proceeded to try and attack Suzuki with a knife, hence the match being stopped. According to UltraLiger, Kishin Liger has only appeared four times ever. Pretty impressive considering Liger made his debut all the way back in 1984. You know it's a special occasion if Kishin makes an appearance, and since Liger is on his farewell tour, it could be the last time we see him.

Liger is doing something a little unconventional when it comes to his retirement. The masked legend announced his retirement a year in advance. His last match will take place at Wrestle Kingdom this January, and it looks as if that last match will take place against Suzuki. Liger might well put his mask back on for the rest of the rivalry, or perhaps we have already seen the last of Jushin and Kishin is now here to stay.

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