Just 18 Hot Photos Of Nikki Bella For You To Ogle

Welcome back you savages. This list is all about Nikki Bella so prepare for some unctuous and emphatic comments. When the WWE hired the Bella twins in 2007, we doubt anyone would realize how popular they would become. Fans either love them or hate them, girls want to be them, and two of the biggest stars of our time are in passionate relationships with them. Did you ever hear of the American dream? Well, the Bella twins are just one of many examples.

You may not agree that they used their looks to get jobs but that’s reality folks and it’s not going to change. Not only do they have the looks but both ladies have shown a determination to stay athletically fit for their careers. This list is all about Nikki but it would be a tragedy if we didn’t include some photos with both sisters in them. John Cena and Daniel Bryan, you're two lucky gentlemen and the entire WWE Universe knows it.

You’re going to find images on here that are professionally done as well as some taken by Nikki herself. From an artistic point of view, it’s pretty interesting to see the comparison and to debate which photos are better. Enjoy.

18 It's All About The Swag

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A woman with great looks is always a plus but there’s also one thing that everyone should have and that’s confidence. Confidence can be sexier than Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose in a pool full of jello - maybe not, but you get the point. A girl with confidence can be extremely sexy and Nikki Bella pulls that off in this image.

It’s all about swag in her world and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re going to be a model, television star, and one of the hottest women ever to be in a professional wrestling ring, you need swag. Not Jack Swagger, but confidence ladies and gentlemen. You don’t become Diva of the Year by Rolling Stones without swag, oh it’s true, it’s damn true.

17 Beauty And The Beach

via youtube.com

If you’re a sucker for anything neon green and Nikki Bella then this photo may send you into a dizzy. It’s your typical professional photo-shoot where the talent struts their stuff. With the sun hitting all of Nikki’s curves and a lovely ocean behind her, this photo is a classic piece. Let’s take a pause for one second and admire the sheer beauty of this image.

Who needs a Nordic Queen with blonde hair and blue eyes when you can have an Italian and Mexican beauty on a sandy beach? Being a collegiate soccer player for Grossmont College definitely helped shape her body into what we see in this picture. We should give major props to the photographer for snapping this photo because it’s one that definitely gets heads spinning.

16 Yoga Pants All Day

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We had to include at least one image of Nikki Bella dripping in sweat while rocking some awesome yoga pants for this list. Thank you, Joe Shivers, for creating spandex. You had no idea at the time, but it’s literally one of the greatest inventions out there.

If any of you can find one person who hates attractive people in yoga pants, then please contact The Sportster because that’s like trying to find the white buffalo (whispers) in J. Lee Thompson’s The White Buffalo.

Nikki has always been into athletics, starting with soccer and then working her way into the professional wrestling business so it does not surprise us that her figure is top notch. Do those pants remind anyone else of a 1980s retro video game or music video?

15 Wedding Bells Will Be Ringing

via 4cornerwrestling.com

Classy, beautiful, and athletically gifted, Nikki Bella has all the tools and captured the heart of probably one of the biggest stars of our time. Cena could have anyone, oh it’s true, it’s damn true, but he chooses Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, otherwise known as Nikki Bella as his wife. The elegant white dress and glass with wine are perfect pieces for this photo. It’s as if she’s at a Great Gatsby party and giving a toast to Leonardo Dicapr…. we mean Jay Gatsby.

If Nikki looks this good in white, we can’t even imagine what she’s going to look like on her wedding day. The WWE doesn’t miss out on opportunities and we’re pretty sure will see what she actually does wear for her wedding day. Until then, this photo could suffice if you love beautiful women wearing all white.

14 All Black Everything

via 4cornerwrestling.com

Well, we just showed you Nikki Bella in all white while sipping on some wine, how about we show you her in all black while sipping on wine? From an artistic standpoint, this photo is pretty sweet. The image looks like a mix of professionalism and amateurism. The shadows are there so it’s not like she was under any lighting but the pose, background, and wide shot make it a comfy image to look at.

Nikki and her sister went from Budweiser twins for the World Cup to sipping on wine in awesome places by a pool. It just goes to show you, you can be a pin up model for a beer company one day and then a queen of a wrestling universe the next.

13 Team Bella

via youtube.com

Wonder Twin Powers….. ACTIVATE! Nikki and Brie may not have superhero powers but they could make people, especially heterosexual males, do anything they want with just a wink in some, maybe most cases. Beauty has a way of entrapping a man without them even knowing it and the next thing you know they got you in the palm of their hand and you’re silly putty.

Just look at Cena, he’s our Superman yet Nikki is definitely his kryptonite and it's not Louis Lane. That man of steel probably falls to his knees some nights and definitely does what Nikki says. What’s awesome about this sexy image is the fact that both sisters have tattoos where conservative people won’t approve of. So what do you say, is this photo great? Yes! Yes! Yes!

12 A Glass Of Wine And A Selfie

via pwpix.net

We continue this list with a humble picture of Nikki in what appears to be a jacuzzi with a nice glass of wine or champagne. The California native was born only sixteen minutes before her twin sister and they spent most of their life together so it must be refreshing for Nikki to take a solo selfie.

That top looks like it belongs in a 1970s psychedelic movie but we’re not complaining as Nikki can probably make any piece of clothing look aesthetically pleasing. We can quibble about the top but one thing is for sure, Nikki does look classy and comfy with that drink in her hand. The eye shadow, lipstick, and top notch eyebrows make her standout above the rest once again. You’re one lucky man Cena.

11 NikkiMania

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Nikki Bella has been ranked in countless articles as one of the sexiest women out there in the world. This image is just another example of all those articles being right. It’s why Fox Entertainment Group, Budweiser, and the WWE hired her. She has the “it” factor and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This photo is professionally done but does anyone get the feeling they’re trying to subliminally make a bondage statement with the pink rope? Maybe there’s too much E L James’ 50 Shades of Gray out there. Regardless, Bella is looking smoking hot in this position. Not only are the pink shorts extra tight and showing a lot of skin, she’s also in a pose that will make anyone attracted to her go wild.

10 Just Another Day In The Sun

via narvii.com

This photo was obviously taken in a non-professional environment. As we mentioned earlier if you’re a sucker for things that are neon green, then this photo is for you. We see a rare backside angle of Nikki doing what she loves, sipping on some wine while looking at a gorgeous view by water. The backside shot shows off all the curves and angles we usually don’t see in her more professional poses.

It’s also an amateur shot and this shows how sexy Nikki looks without all the flair, zest, and pizzazz that come from a professional shoot. If she gave you permission to untie those strings you know you would in a heartbeat. Just watch out for a hulking John Cena. He’s probably free diving and catching fish with his teeth while she basks in the sun.

9 Lady In Red

via zonawrestling.net

A divine and beautiful woman in red can be incredibly hot, so hot that the chemistry between the hotness of the lady and the red fabric can create a solar flare that could wipe out our technology. Luckily, Bella knows how to control her hotness and use it to entrap John Cena. It’s remarkable that when she and her sister, Brie, were signed by the WWE in 2007 that ten years later they would be where they are, which is on top of the WWE.

Of course, both sisters are out of action but we know if and when they do return, Vince and the team will push them to the moon and beyond. We can argue about whether Nikki has real skills or not but the fact that she faced so much criticism and still made it to the top is an accomplishment on its own.

8 The Champ Is Here

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She’s a walking St. Patrick’s Day parade with all that green. If only the hat matched and she would be a perfect representative for the Irish. Nikki doesn’t have a lick of Irish in her but she can be an honorary member of the quaint (excluding Conor McGregor) nation. One statement is true about Nikki Bella, she looks good in every color she wears and green is no exception. She even cuts the WWE’s Diva Championship in the photo because she knows she’s the center piece, not the belt.

Nikki would beat Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjills match to win the Divas Championship in 2012. After years of hard work, she finally earned the biggest prize of them all for the Women’s Division. Now, who wants a nice pint of Guinness?

7 Are We Seeing Double?

via wwe.com

This photo is obviously stocked up to the gills in post edit tomfoolery, however, regardless of how much editing was done, the Bellas are smoking hot. Both Nikki and Brie don’t need any air brushing but the professionals decided to go with it anyway. We’re not complaining too much because of this overhead shot is extremely hot.

So much skin and so much space for activities, your mind is shooting off ideas like that time Will Ferrell and John C. Riley figured out they can make more room if they built a bunk bed in Adam McKay’s Step Brothers. One question we have is why are the twins rocking telnyashka (Russian navy) clothing style? Somebody call up Congress or Breezango, we may need an investigation into this clothing tragedy.

6 Confidence And Beauty

via wwe.com

If you like a girl that has no problem showing her toned muscles then this photo is for you. Nikki is looking like one tough S.O.B. and we approve of her epic hotness. From the ripped up short shorts, to the Beetlejuice top, to the confident and I’ll beat you up look, this photo screams out all of her best qualities. Sexy, confident, and athletic are just some words to describe this image of Nikki.

Of course, her eye brows are on point, the full lips and countless curves on her body just make this photo more epic. For a professionally done image, we applaud the photographer for giving us this view. Nikki Bella is so hot she makes you forget that she’s in a dirty warehouse.

5 Amateur Hour

via pwpix.net

This reminds us of one of the photos you wish you get on Snapchat when you’re talking to a girl you’re interested in. It’s so amateurish and realistic, it can blow away professional photos Nikki has done. This photo is going to make the average blood pressure of The Sportster community go up a tick or two after seeing it. She’s in her own bathroom which means a personal setting and she’s wearing something you definitely don’t go out in public in.

So much skin and so much beauty make this photo an epic one. We can ignore the open mouth unless you like that sort of thing but how about we focus on how cold that room must have been. You may ask yourself how do you know the room is cold, just look hard enough and you’ll spot the reason.

4 Damn You John Cena

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We now know why John Cena stopped slaying women all across the world and decided to hang up his bachelor’s license for Nikki Bella. Just take on look at this very natural looking beauty. How can you deny how hot she is? We know you can’t, oh it’s true, it’s damn true. If for some reason you do not concur with the idea that Nikki is one hot smoking lady, then there is still some Booty O’s on sale.

If you can’t find any, then maybe you should eat a snickers bar. This type of photo makes every guy a "Pepe Le Pew". If you don’t know who he is, then either you’ll crack up with laughter or be seriously disturbed at how hard he goes after women once you watch him.

3 We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat

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“What were they like anyway? They look pretty good, are they real? Are they built for speed or for comfort? What you do with 'em? Motorboat? You play the motorboat? Ppppppppppt! You motorboatin' son of a b----. You old sailor, you,” said Vince Vaughn’s character in the hit comedy Wedding Crashers. It’s pretty obvious why this image is included on this list.

If you couldn't tell, Nikki Bella has a lot of "assets" and she knows it. This photo is up close and personal with a medium shot, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides her beautiful figure, Bella is looking extremely sexy with just the right amount of makeup. John Cena is definitely the captain of his own ship and has sailed the "Bella Sea" for many nights.

2 Double Trouble In Paradise

via celebmafia.com

You’re welcome. This photographer knew the perfect time to take a shot of the Bella Twins. If you don’t know, Brie is on the right and Nikki is on the left. Why do people go to a beach, well, this is one reason to go. Everyone on the beach thought the sun was the reason it was hot that day but it really was because of these two beauties, especially Nikki, sorry Brie.

The sun didn’t give them a tan, the sun got a tan from their heat. It’s a cheesy saying but what do you expect to read this far down in the list? Would you rather hear about their accolades? We have been talking about Nikki’s curves but let's pay homage to her other "assets" as seen in this shot.

1 How To Sunbathe In The City

via popsugar-assets.com

What do you think of when you see this image? A bowl full of ice cream and strawberries? An angel that came down from the heavens and decided to lay out in the sun? How about Nikki Bella being one of the hottest women on the planet, maybe the universe, only time will tell. A thousand years from now, when data archaeologists are shuffling through the countless content of the 21st century, they’re going to come across Nikki.

When they do, they will hail the find as an archaeological success and recreate her through advanced technologies. Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true. We can kid about the future of mankind, but seriously, after we’re all gone, Nikki Bella’s hotness will still be out there in digital space.

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