Just Too Sweet: 20 SHOCKING Things You Didn't Know About The Kliq

The Kliq dominated the professional wrestling scene in the 90s, as the stable of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac (who joined later on) were some really influential men and t

The Kliq dominated the professional wrestling scene in the 90s, as the stable of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac (who joined later on) were some really influential men and their bond terrorized the lives of others in the WWE. While they are considered to be one of the real pioneeringg groups in wrestling which later influenced such cool stables like D-Generation X and even The Bullet Club, their arrogance and powers irked many in the WWE as they didn't really have many friends because of how egoistical and back-stabbing they tended to be towards others.

The Kliq was later recognized by the WWE when almost all the members attained legendary status, as the four were quite the menace during the 90s and had the most horrible reputations in the locker room. They often used their influence to make sure they barely lost matches in the WWE and went over at the expense of many others in the back who deserved their own pushes as well.

While the Kliq will forever be remembered for that infamous MSG incident where all four of them hugged it out in the ring and broke kayfabe, there are certain things about the group which not many know about as we take a look at the 20 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About The Kliq.

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20 Triple H Was The Kliq's Real-Life Chaperone


Triple H might have become the "King of Kings" in the WWE after the turn of the century, but he was still finding his footing in WWE during his time as part of the Kliq and was probably the most sensible member of the bunch, as he was the only guy among the group who usually kept it together, and because of him being in his senses all the time, he was made the designated driver of the crew. He would ride them around places and take care of them when they were unable of doing so by themselves, as the Cerebral Assassin would be the good guy in the group and help his mates to go wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

19 X-Pac Was Quite The Prankster


X-Pac's in-ring character looks to be a whole load of fun in the back as the exciting superstar always put out some really entertaining stuff and earned the popularity of the audience because of that. But he was actually quite the wild man beyond his kayfabe character as well, as he was quite the fearless prankster among the members of the Kliq and has a history of pulling some really cruel pranks on other superstars. This included the stunning Sable, who had a lot of attitude problems and this infuriated X-Pac, who once emptied his bowels on a cup and kept the cup inside Sable's bag. She travelled with the excrement from Wembley Stadium to the United States and even took a DNA test when she discovered this horrible prank. X-Pac would confirm this prank later on the Steve Austin Show podcast as it goes onto prove how much of a crazy person he was outside the squared circle as well.

18 Hall And Nash Were Mainly Responsible For Guaranteed Contracts In WCW


Scott Hall and Kevin Nash shocked many when they moved from WWE to WCW to form The Outsiders and later the nWo, but they wouldn't make the jump in this heated battle during the Monday Night Wars if they weren't paid well. WCW paid them a lot more than the WWE and what even made the offers more lucrative was the fact that they got guaranteed contracts and couldn't be fired from it. Their contracts led to many other wrestlers getting guaranteed contracts when they came to the WCW as well, as the influential crew used their power to hire their friends in wrestling and settle them despite having no real impact on the product, thus causing the eventual downfall of WCW towards the end of the century and making them bankrupt in the end.

17 They Had Quite The History Of Burying Wrestlers


The Kliq might seem to be this really cool stable from the outside, but on the inside they were some of the most rotten guys in the WWE at the time and often buried other up-and coming wrestlers for their own benefits. One of the more prominent occurrences of these burials was the one which happened to Canadian Wrestler Carl Ouellet, who was booked to defeat then WWE Champion Diesel in his home-town of Montreal, Canada. But that was changed by Michaels who wanted Ouellet to lose to Nash. This resulted in an argument between Ouellet and Michaels in which both had to be separated. Ouellet refused to take the pin in the match and it ended in a double DQ, and Ouellet was soon fired by the WWE as well. Michaels later stated on his book on how he was fired "because he didn't want to put Nash over" as this was one of major occurrences of the Kliq's burial, with other guys like Vader, Mabel and Shane Douglas were also buried by the Kliq before they could attain stardom in the company.

16 British Bulldog Came Up With The Name


While The Kliq is a very cool name to come up with, it wasn't actually any of the members of the group who came up with it as a very surprising individual actually came up with it. It was actually the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith who came up with the name, stating as how the five "clicked" really well together as a unit. This would be a tweaked a bit to create such an iconic wrestling name, as this stable consisting of the most powerful men in the WWE at the time would go onto greater heights because of their influence and also give nightmares to their colleagues who had to be in their good books to remain in the company or else threatened to be kicked out.

15 X-Pac Was Fired From WCW Because Of Hall And Nash

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When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash moved to WCW, they took their backstage politics with them as they started to increase their backstage influential power in WCW as well, and this didn't stand well at all with Eric Bischoff. To make everyone know who the boss is and send a message to Hall and Nash, Bischoff fired X-Pac by federal express while he was recovering from an injury. But his good friend in WWE in Triple H would help to bring him back to the WWE as he went onto debut on Raw almost days after he was fired from WWE. He also went onto cut a promo on how Hall and Nash would be back in WWE if it wasn't for the guaranteed contracts, as X-Pac felt the good and bad sides of friendship back then as he was fired from one places because of his best buds and rehired to another place because of another close friend.

14 The Undertaker Once Threatened The Cocky HBK


Shawn Michaels was on top of the world in the 90s WWE, as he had his own crew in the Kliq to watch over his back and did whatever he felt like doing in the company because of his popularity and because of how he was the face of the company during that time. HBK often got his own way as other wrestlers had to stand down for him to go over in matches, but that wasn't to be the case against the Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin who was riding his own amazing momentum going into their match at WrestleMania XIV. Michaels didn't want to go down against Austin but when Undertaker took matters into his own hands to threaten him about what he'd do if Michaels didn't play by orders, the scared HBK had nothing to do but do lay down for Austin to carry the torch further down the road, as even a powerful Michaels didn't have the guts to defy the Deadman's orders.

13 Many Wrestlers Have Voiced Their Hatred For Them


The Kliq's constant showboating and using of their powers backstage might have made for some amazing moments for them, but they had their share of haters who absolutely couldn't stand them, but couldn't really do much either. Many wrestlers have over the years spoken about their disliking for the group, with Bret Hart even calling them "a cancer" in the dressing room as they were responsible for a very cancerous environment in the dressing room at the time. Another former WWE wrestler Bryan Clark had stated on how he couldn't stand the Kliq because of their backstabbing mentality. Bam Bam Bigelow also stated on how it was a terrible time in the WWE because of the Kliq, as numerous other wrestlers have voiced their displeasure of being in the company during that time as Kliq's horrible nature infuriated many at the time and made for many enemies for the group of wrestlers as well.

12 They Gave A Disgusting Welcome To The King


Jerry "The King" Lawler has been one of the most respected men in wrestling for some decades now, as "The King" finally arrived in the WWE from United States Wrestling Association in the early 90's but his attitude after his arrival in the company enraged many in the company. This included the Kliq, still in its infancy days but they decided to teach Lawler a lesson as with an aid from Mr Perfect, Michaels and Nash filled The King's crown with poop to teach him a lesson about how to behave in the WWE. Regardless of his attitude, this was quite the disgruntling thing to do to such a renown wrestler, as the pranks pulled by some of the members of the Kliq have been pretty horrible and this is definitely right there with the top ones.

11 Kevin Nash Slowly Took Over WCW


While all three of Nash, Hall and X-Pac took their backstage influential abilities to spread it around in WCW as well, but Nash was by far the most conniving one among the three and he used his business skills to make for quite the profit for himself. While he got some hefty money in his initial years in the company, he made over a million dollars from 1998-2001 in the company and was one of their highest paid individuals as well. Not only this but he also had some booking power to his contract, as he infamously used that to break the undefeated streak of Goldberg and win the WCW Championship for himself. Nash's business mindset helped him to solidify a solid future for him personally, as the intimidating, conniving Nash had the brain among the Kliq and used it really well to reap out all the rewards for himself.

10 One Of Their Members Dumped On Chris Candido And Sunny's Food


Now we've already looked into the level of pranks the Kliq had come up with during their time together in the WWE, but the most gruesome one probably comes from the time from when someone from the Kliq actually took a dump on the food of WWE Superstar Chris Candido and the sexy Sunny. Though many ascertain that it's Shawn Michaels who did it, some rumors of X-Pac or even Scott Hall doing it have been named as Candido confronted Michaels about this prank and was chillingly told off by Michaels who threatened to end his WWE career. Not only were the Kliq possibly of coming up with such disgusting stuff, but they also had the power to back it up as nobody could really do anything to do to them as this horrible prank goes onto show how much of pricks they were back in the day.

9 They Have Always Looked After Each Other


The Kliq might have been the absolutely closest of buddies when they were together in the WWE in the 90s, but they have separated since then having gone their own ways in their WWE careers. Despite not staying in close touch with each other since the 90s, they always seem to have each other's backs in times of distress and when help is most needed for someone. When Michaels was having some real drug-related issues, Triple H helped him sort it out as Hall and X-Pac have also been helped by their pals in sorting out some financial problems in their lives. Also when HHH was getting married, he had the full support of his buddies and the group always seem to look after each other and have remained very close even after almost 2 decades of ruling the WWE, as this friendship is something which will last for the rest of their lives.

8 Almost Everyone In The Group Was A Heavy Drug-Addict


The Kliq were an absolute mad, non-abiding people in the WWE in their time together, but what made for all this craziness, backstage politics and ego was their addiction to various forms of drugs at the time. While Scot Hall was mostly addicted to alcohol, the likes of Shawn Michaels and X-Pac took the worst of drugs at the time and took absolutely anything to get in the mood and have a good time with their buds. Nash and HHH were the lesser among the addiction, as they had to control their buds and only had some light alcohol or something to enjoy with their buds, but the addiction of Michaels, X-Pac and Hall were something which almost went out of control after a point of time. While HBK recovered from his addiction, Hall and X-Pac would find it really difficult to do so as they struggled for years and it could be said that the drugs were mainly responsible for all the bad things the group did back in the day.

7 Nash Helped To Save X-Pac And Hall's Lives


Kevin Nash might come off on the more selfish side among the members of the Kliq, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't look out for his friends. Nash has kept close with his friends ever since their WWE days, as he has played a big part in X-Pac and Scott Hall getting rid of their drug-addiction and rediscovering themselves after their wrestling careers went downhill. Nash helped X-Pac who saw his addiction reach a breaking point as he failed to finish a match during his time in TNA in 2002 because of how badly he was intoxicated and got only worse in the following years, almost contemplating suicide. Nash helped to get him straight and sent him to a very good rehabilitation center in Mexico and also did the same for Hall who was also having a very bad time dealing with alcoholism and his physical health was deteriorating as well. Nash might come off as a conniving man, but this goes onto show how much of a true friend he has remained to his closest buddies and helped them reshape their lives together.

6 The Shocking Truth Behind The "Too Sweet" Gesture


The "Too Sweet" gesture has become quite common nowadays in the field of wrestling because of the infamous Bullet Club using it, but it was actually the Kliq who brought the sign to wrestling. While it became famous for the New World Order using it in WCW, it was originated by the Kliq in WWE and they often used it together. But not many actually know about the origin of the gesture, as it was X-Pac who introduced the gesture to the group. Apparently X-Pac saw a few people using it and learned that it was "The Turkish Wolf", as it was a gesture which was used by the Turkish Mafia back in the days. The gesture which has become the coolest thing in wrestling over the years was a sign originally used by the Mafia, as it goes onto show how anything can become over in wrestling if the suitable people work on putting it over.

5 The Kliq Dominated Wrestling In WWE During Their Peak


The Kliq weren't only the most influential guys in the WWE during the 90s, but the extent of their influence is something not many actually know off. The stable were comprised of some of the top stars in the WWE at the time, but what even increased the stardom of the members of the stable is the way they influenced Vince McMahon to get their way. They were always in the ears of the boss and made sure that their characters always got over in the matches and this also made for Shawn Michaels becoming the face of WWE as well as Nash, Hall and Triple H achieving quite a lot of success in their card as well. They barely lost their singles matches and were always heralded with strong booking during their peak, as their dominance turned out to be a nightmare for the others who hoped to get over with the crowd as well.

4 They Had Competition Against Other Backstage Stables


While The Kliq had quite the intimidating nature with their backstage influence and position in the WWE during the 90s and might have kept a lot of wrestlers fearful of them, not everyone would stand down to their bullying. Because of their bullying nature, other wrestlers also decided to unite with each other as the Undertaker also created his own backstage crew in "Bone Street Krew" which consisted of the likes of The Godwinns, The Godfather, Yokozuna, Brian Adams, Rikishi, Paul Bearer and Mr. Fuji as they kept with each other and often shut the Kliq down whenever they tried to threaten them. The Hart family also kept alongside each other to ruffle out the Kliq, as the Kliq's powerful nature made for the rise of other stables who would not let The Kliq run things around in the locker room.

3 Nash's Wit Helped With Evading Arrests


Kevin Nash was undoubtedly the brain of the Kliq before Triple H well and truly gelled with the band, as his wit and brains helped them get out of many bad situations, which also included evading getting arrested. So in 1995 when Triple H was still new to life with the Kliq, the band did their norm of partying hard as they had a load of beer and took some somas as well. While Michaels, X-Pac and Hall went all out, Nash and HHH were sober as Hunter drove them to their favorite restaurant for the munchies. But much to their dismay, it was filled with police officers and X-Pac and Hall soon gave away their intoxication. When Hall tripped over a plotted plant, the officers had it and went ahead to handcuff everyone as Michaels had started to twitch because of the somas as well. But the clever Nash convinced the cops that he was epileptic and they went home in an ambulance rather than having to go to jail, as they both laughed the whole way at how they actually manage to evade it.

2 They Wanted To Bury The Rock


The Kliq succeeded in burying many a prominent talent in the WWE in the 90s, but when it came to burying the Rock, they couldn't seem to go through with it. The Rock's personal problems with HBK have been shoved under the radar over all these years, as it started because of Michaels' ego which wanted The Rock to be buried when he joined the WWE at first in the mid 90s. Michaels wanted The Rock to drop his Intercontinental Championship to Bret Hart, but Hart refused after realizing the intentions of the Heart-break Kid. He later wanted Triple H to be pushed ahead of The Rock, but Vince McMahon just ignored that advice and went onto pushing The Rock to become the most electrifying man in all of entertainment as Michaels' plot on burying a wrestler he didn't like just didn't work out this time around.

1 Bret Hart Was Asked To Be A Member


Bret "The Hitman" Hart's personal rivalry with Shawn Michaels has been the cause of much talk over all these years, but the root of that hatred goes a long time back. When the Kliq was ruling over the WWE, Bret Hart was someone who was also a top star in the company who was always in the main event scene and had quite a lot of influence because of his popularity among the fans, as the group saw an opportunity to gain a valuable member. According to Hart's autobiography, he was asked by the group to be a part of them as he writes: “The thing I remember most about that tour was Shawn, Razor, and Nash talking to me in Hamburg about the idea of forming a clique of top guys who strictly took care of their own”. Hart obviously declined the offer and this started his rivalry with HBK and the Kliq which would reach a whole new level of personal hatred in the next years.

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Just Too Sweet: 20 SHOCKING Things You Didn't Know About The Kliq