Justin Credible Is The Latest Name To Adopt DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page has been keeping himself busy over the past few years. His work is not so much inside of the ring anymore, but outside of the ring. Since moving on from wrestling, he pursued other business interest which includes the well-known DDP Yoga which focuses on more than just exercise but overall health. His promotion of health goes right along with his benevolent work with his colleagues that he has either had the privilege of being trained by or wrestling with. In the past 20 years of wrestling, some wrestlers lived as if they were rock stars. There are a few wrestlers whose rock star lifestyle has lead to numerous health problems and several falls from grace.

In the days before the WWE Wellness Policy, some wrestlers dabbled in alcohol and narcotics while traveling around the loop. The names of these grapplers who lived the rock star lifestyle are among the most popular wrestlers of the past 30 years. Names such as Jake The Snake Roberts and Scott Hall are two well know wrestlers who had the charisma and the wrestling skills to capture an audience. They are also known for appearing intoxicated on at least one wrestling venue which has put them in a different light. Diamond Dallas Page has come to the rescue of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, and now another wrestler has had an embarrassing moment recently who has decided to go to DDP for help and that is Justin Credible.


Justin Credible's need for DDP Yoga stems from his appearance at an Indie show last month. He interfered in a match that he should not have been involved in and this did not appear to be a kayfabe interference. Justin Credible got into the ring as another wrestler slid out of the ring through the bottom rope. Credible had his kendo stick with him and went on a rant aimed at the wrestlers and the crowd. People started to record his rant and a few wrestlers tried to convince him to leave. After about four minutes of inebriated ranting, he finally left the ring with the crowd singing "Nana nana, hey hey hey, goodbye".



Weeks before the independent incident, he spoke to wrestling journalist Bill Apter and admitted that he had just did a stint in rehab and that he was doing just fine. After his inebriated rant, Justin Credible made an apology video and shortly thereafter went to Twitter and announced that he is now one of the wrestlers who are under the wing of DDP taking DDP Yoga. DDP Yoga combines yoga exercises and dietary change as a type of ayruvedic therapy for the wrestlers. Justin posed for a picture with his shirt off to show that his holistic change is just beginning and it will be a lifetime journey as he recovers from his recent relapse.

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With the track record that Diamond Dallas Page has with helping both Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, Justin Credible is preparing for a real life wrestling bout with alcoholism. With the support of DDP, Roberts, and Hall, he will have the life skills necessary to pin the demon of addiction for the three count once and for all hopefully.

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