Former Announcer Justin Roberts Compares His WWE Tenure To An Abusive Marriage

Former announcer Justin Roberts recently gave some insight to the pro-wrestling community regarding his strained and downright negative relationship with the WWE, and as to why he felt as though his "love story" with the company resembled an abusive marriage. Justin's currently promoting his well-received book titled "Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey" which gives fans Roberts' view of his career, his experiences, the company itself, and how things really run behind the scenes.

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In an interview with DailyHerald, Justin gave us some insightful information about how becoming a WWE announcer was his lifelong dream, and that he went about accomplishing his dream through hard work, without any inside connections. Among the subjects Roberts touched on, the bully mentality that much of the WWE's upper management possess was quite newsworthy.

Justin has made it clear to the WWE Universe that the stories which are garnering the most attention worldwide from his book are about his strained relationship with current commentator, JBL, who was accused of being a bully not only to Roberts, but to many other talents backstage.

When DailyHerald inquired as to whether or not Justin went through a period of sadness or anger following his WWE release, Roberts responded by saying that he hadn't, and that he was actually very relieved when the company decided not to renew his contract. Justin had mentioned that his tenure with the WWE of over 12 years was "mentally grueling".

In a recent interview with Raj Giri of WrestlingInc, Justin Roberts gave his personal opinion on Vince McMahon. "Vince was very intense, very micromanaging. It was always uncomfortable. I always tried to avoid him as much as possible. Sometimes he was helpful".

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When asked the question: "if WWE called you tomorrow and asked you to come back, would you?" Justin responded authoritatively, stating "absolutely not". Robert's went on to explain that he was able to live out his WWE dream, and that he had no intentions of returning to the company considering Robert's believed that he was mistreated by upper management for a large portion of his run with the company. Justin made it abundantly clear that he was not interested in putting himself through his stressful WWE days again.

Not only does this reflect very poorly on the WWE as a whole, but it specifically reflects poorly on JBL who has not only been accused of being a bully to multiple talents over the years, but most recently (and importantly) to former commentator Mauro Ranallo, who has since left the company following JBL's bullying tactics.

It's becoming very clear that JBL is far from being a very friendly or nice guy backstage, and it will definitely be interesting to see how the WWE goes about dealing with all the accusations regarding Layfield, and if there will be any sort of punishment for his negative actions. Up until this point, JBL has received absolutely no form of repercussion for his behavior.

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