Kairi Sane Dropped A Curse Word During Her Japanese Promo On Raw

The Kabuki Warriors probably don't want English fans to have their promos translated for them, but someone who speaks Japanese went ahead and did it anyway.

When Asuka first arrived on the main roster, fans' worst fears were not immediately realized. The Empress's unbeaten run carried on until her first WrestleMania. At that point, she lost her very first match in WWE to Charlotte Flair. It wasn't that hard of a pill to swallow as the match was one of the best on the card that night.

It's how Asuka has been treated since then that many fans have quite rightly taken issue with. Hopefully, what happened at Hell In A Cell is a sign that things are about to change. Not only did Asuka and Kairi Sane defeat Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become Women's Tag Team Champions, but they turned heel in the process.

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Asuka signaled that the turn had happened by spraying green mist into Cross's eyes, a dastardly trick that ultimately won The Kabuki Warriors the match. In case fans were wondering whether that was a heel turn or not, Asuka and Sane drove the point home on Raw last night. They did so by cutting promos in their native tongue so their opponents and most of us watching at home couldn't understand a word they were saying.

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Thankfully, someone at Post Wrestling has translated it for us. For the most part, it was pretty generic heel garb that an English speaking wrestler would say. However, something Sane said caught our eye. The Pirate Princess yelled, "I’m sure you’re tired, but we are going to beat the sh*t out of you," into the mic. We wonder if Vince McMahon gave the green light to the use of an s-bomb live on Raw.

Chances are the chairman will never have any idea that's what Sane said. In fact, outside of Japanese-speaking fans and those of you reading this and Post Wrestling's article, chances are the vast majority of fans will never know Sane swore on Raw. Unless the new Tag Team Champions make a habit of swearing during their Japanese promos, we don't think it'll be raising any red flags.

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