Ex-Diva's Champion Kaitlyn Sparks Royal Rumble Rumors With In-Ring Return

Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn is returning to the ring with Coastal Champions Wrestling, despite the fact that she hasn't wrestled in four years.

Kaitlyn's career with WWE lasted from 2010 until her release in 2014. Following that, she then decided to focus her time and energy on fitness, clothing line, and her marriage at the time. She's been teasing a possible return to the ring by recently posting photos of herself training in the ring, according to

Kaitlyn is only 31 years-old, so the fact that she's getting back in the ring isn't a surprise after taking some time off.  She became very popular after winning season three of NXT.

During The Agenda Podcast, former WWE writer by the name of Tom Casiello says that they thought about having Kaitlyn brainwashed by Bray Wyatt during her time with the company, according to


"We had discussed, and she was down with this, we had discussed Kaitlyn being the first female member of the Wyatt family," said Casiello. "The idea was that after the Big E thing, the AJ thing, and all of that. She's left with nothing. She has no title, she has no best friend, and she has no boyfriend. She's got nothing and she's outside alone the arena one night. You see someone behind her like 'hello, Kaitlyn' then a scream and you have the black. Two months later, she shows up as zombie Kaitlyn Wyatt," he continued.


With Kaitlyn now divorced from her ex-husband PJ Braun, which was finalized in September 2017, she has the time to dedicate herself to wrestling.

Kaitlyn's first match with Coastal Championship Wrestling will be on February 10th in Coral Springs, Florida as the headliner. No one knows yet who she'll be facing though. It will be interesting to see whether or not Kaitlyn now makes an appearance at the women's Royal Rumble.

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She recently released a video where she opens up about her struggles with addiction as well as her recent divorce. Kaitlyn admits that she "wanted to die" at one point after turning to alcohol while detoxing from drugs.


"I was actually on the last days of the medicine to help me detox and was in a super f***ed up place mentally and physically," she said, according to the Mirror.

Kaitlyn didn't say what kind of drugs she used.

"Over the past few years I was in a terrible marriage, an addict and not true to myself," she said.

Now that Kaitlyn has overcome so much, she says that she's now a stronger and better person. She admitted that she lost a part of herself when she left wrestling, which is clearly why she's now making a comeback.

Kaitlyn says that the one thing that helped turn her life around was the wrestling world.

Hopefully, Kaitlyn can make a strong comeback and get back to WWE.

Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on Kaitlyn's wrestling comeback. Do you think she'll end up winning the WWE Women's Championship in the future?


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