Kalisto Brings Much Needed Star Power To 205 Live

205 Live is slowly becoming more exciting each passing week, and now WWE moved a big name in the division to take on Enzo Amore.

Kalisto officially joined the ranks of 205 Live on Raw and immediately made an impact by attacking Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore.

For the second week in a row on Raw, Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore found himself in the much sought after position of being the man to close the show. As he continues to quite rightly point out he is making 205 Live relevant. No matter how true that statement may be though, his fellow cruiserweights continue to disagree and believe him to be the black sheep of their division.

Last week on Raw, every single member of the 205 Live roster attacked Amore and thus made themselves ineligible to become contenders to his title. Despite having no challengers, that clearly wasn't enough for Muscles Marinara. During his braggadocios promo this week, he revealed another contract detailing that if any of the cruiserweights were to attack him again, they would be fired. Nevertheless, every single one of them still came to the ring and surrounded their champion.


Amore understandably felt pretty safe, knowing that it was highly unlikely any of the 205 Live guys would put their jobs in jeopardy. What he didn't account for was the blockbuster announcement from Kurt Angle. With Amore surrounded, the General Manager revealed that he had signed a new cruiserweight to the 205 Live roster, Kalisto. Angle also confirmed that since he was new to the division, Kalisto was exempt from any agreements made between himself and Enzo over the past two weeks.


The former United States Champion then made his way down the ramp towards Amore, and with an apron full of cruiserweights the champ had nowhere to go. Amore missed with an attempt to hit Kalisto with his belt and then received a swift kick followed by a Salida del Sol for his troubles. It looks like Smacktalker Skywalker will have a challenger for his championship after all, and maybe the near future on 205 Live isn't going to be as laid back as he had hoped.

The addition of Kalisto to 205 Live has been a long time coming. Although adding Neville and Enzo Amore to the cruiserweight ranks has undoubtedly brought eyeballs to the product, there is still more work to be done. Kalisto is an established name in WWE with a sizable fan base, especially when it comes to younger fans. His presence on 205 Live will only further the cruiserweights' cause in WWE.

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Kalisto Brings Much Needed Star Power To 205 Live