Kalisto Reveals Redesigned Cruiserweight Championship [UPDATE]

The cruiserweight championship was one of the weirdest looking titles in the WWE, but now it's been redesigned.

UPDATE: Kalisto showed up on Raw with the classic purple title. It appears that maybe the lighting in the photo could have distorted the color of the championship making it appear black.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Kalisto defeated Enzo Amore in a Lumberjack match to capture his very first Cruiserweight Championship. Just seven days after winning the title, Kalisto saw the championship belt undergo a different makeover, which he released on Twitter:

As you can see, the Cruiserweight Championship is no longer the purple campy color, but now the more appealing black.  So say goodbye to arguably the most hideous looking WWE title belt.


It's worth noting that Vince McMahon didn't decide to have Kalisto win the belt until the very last minute on Raw, when Neville walked out of the company unexpectedly according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required). The report suggested that the creative team simply couldn't think of a better option, allowing Kalisto to become the champion. However, Amore is also expected to regain the championship soon.


The WWE has been trying to regrow the Cruiserweight Division after a few months of being completely ignored and quite irrelevant. With rising stars like Kalisto and Amore rounding out the division, the Cruiserweights are beginning to earn more attention.

The Cruiserweight Championship belt has undergone a number of different looks throughout the years (as is the case with most belts). The purple version was introduced in Sept. 2016, with T.J. Perkins becoming the inaugural champion. More than a year later, the purple-colored belt is finally gone.

Kalisto is already the seventh person in just over a calendar year to win the championship, as the belt has changed hands four times since the Aug. 14 edition of Raw. Neville's 197-day reign remains the longest thus far.

Though feedback on the black belt may be fixed, we can probably agree that it's much better looking than the ugly red Universal Championship.


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Kalisto Reveals Redesigned Cruiserweight Championship [UPDATE]