10 Best Matches Of Kane's Career, Ranked

The recent appearance of Kane on an episode of Monday Night Raw caused great excitement from fans. You don’t miss a wrestler until they are gone for a while, and fans were clearly missing Kane. His career has featured many memorable moments, from a character that has been around for over two decades now in WWE.

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We will look at the best matches that Kane delivered in his WWE career. The various chapters of his career would see Kane playing quite a few different versions of his character. Kane always made it work and was always an effective character, even when involved in bad matches or storylines. However, the good ones clearly stand out more to the average fan, and here are some of his very best!

10 Kane vs Daniel Bryan (Extreme Rules 2004)

The story of Daniel Bryan and Kane would see them become a tag team beloved by WWE fans. Kane, however, turned on Bryan by aligning with The Authority at his expense. Bryan winning the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania XXX led to Kane becoming his first rival.

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Kane ditched the suit for the mask and set about making life miserable for Bryan. They had a wild Extreme Rules match that culminated in Kane taking a bump through a flaming table. This would be Bryan’s one title defense on PPV, as he relinquished the belt due to injury a few months later.

9 Kane vs Big Show vs Raven (WrestleMania X-Seven)

The incredible WrestleMania X-Seven card is considered one of the best of all time for matches like The Rock vs Steve Austin, Triple H vs The Undertaker and the epic TLC Match. However, the lower card matches played a huge role in the entire show merging together to become a huge success.

Kane found his way into a highly entertaining bout against Big Show and Raven for the Hardcore Championship. The triple threat match featured the wrestlers battling all over the venue. Weapons were used from start to finish. We saw wrestlers going through glass windows, running each other over with golf carts and hitting each other in the head with everything else. Kane won the match by delivering an amazing leg drop off the stage to win the Hardcore Championship.

8 Kane vs Shane McMahon (Unforgiven 2003)

The rivalry between Shane McMahon and Kane gave WWE one of their most brutal feuds of 2003. Kane attacking Linda McMahon started things off, and both men would go on to try to injure each other in car crashes, throw each other into fire and attempt to electrocute each other!

McMahon and Kane had their best bout at Unforgiven that year, in a Last Man Standing match. The classic moment of Shane jumping off the Titan Tron as Kane narrowly dodged him just priceless. Kane won the match and continued the feud as things grew more personal.

7 Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs The Shield (SmackDown June 14, 2013)

Kane’s run teaming with Daniel Bryan in Team Hell No gave him some of the best matches of his career, given the skills of Bryan in the ring. They often had classics against The Shield, with a third man rotating in to join them against the common enemy.

This match is specifically memorable for The Shield taking their first loss as a team in WWE. Bryan’s story of feeling like the weak link of his team featured him having a standout performance leading the team to victory. Kane played his role to help make the match perfect.

6 Kane vs Triple H (Judgment Day 2001)

Triple H and Kane had quite a few matches in the early 2000s, as two of the top stars. This match came during the Power Trip faction of Steve Austin and Triple H looking to take control of all the titles. Kane challenged Triple H for the Intercontinental Championship in a Chain Match.

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This was one of the best matches the two performers shared. Kane pulled off a slight upset to end the Intercontinental Championship reign of Triple H faster than anyone expected.

5 Kane vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania XIV)

Kane’s first major match came at WrestleMania XIV when challenging The Undertaker. The backstory of Kane as Undertaker’s brother featured Undertaker refusing his fight his own flesh and blood. Following betrayal by Kane, Undertaker broke his stance to fight his brother on the biggest show of the year.

The match wasn’t a five-star classic by any means, but the two big men paid off a long story in entertaining fashion. Undertaker won the match to continue his undefeated WrestleMania streak while Kane put in a good performance in the second-biggest match on the year’s most important event.

4 TLC IV (Raw Roulette October 7, 2002)

Eric Bischoff’s run as General Manager of Raw featured the creation of Raw Roulette. The matches on Raw would have stipulations on a wheel the wrestlers would spin when the show took place in Las Vegas, playing into the casino theme.

Kane defended the WWE Tag Team Championship without his injured partner The Hurricane against Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam, Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley, and Chris Jericho and Christian. All seven men left it all in the ring with this all-time great Raw main event. Kane won the match for his team, even without a partner.

3 Kane vs Chris Jericho (Armageddon 2000)

The feud between Chris Jericho and Kane in 2000 is memorable for how it started. Kane attacked Chris Jericho for spilling coffee on him by accident. The two engaged in a feud over the next few months, with a big match at Armageddon 2000.

Jericho defeated Kane in the impressive Last Man Standing Match. The ending featured Jericho using a chair to knock over a large set of barrels onto Kane’s body. This prevented Kane from being able to stand and Jericho won in an innovative way.

2 Kane vs Steve Austin (Raw June 29, 1998)

Not many people would have guessed Kane would be the wrestler to end Steve Austin’s WWE Championship reign in 1998. Kane won in a First Blood Match, essentially cheating Austin out of the victory at King of the Ring.

The better match came one night later in the main event on Raw. Austin had a red-hot crowd in his corner as he scored the win over the big red monster. Kane’s WWE Championship run only lasted one night, but he did a good job by having such a great match.

1 Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback vs The Shield (TLC 2012)

The best match of Kane’s career happened to come in The Shield’s first ever match together. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns made an impact right away, entering WWE with a classic TLC Match against the trio of Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback.

All six men delivered standout performances. The Shield became instant stars for this show-stealing match. Kane served as a tremendous base for Reigns to showcase his strength. Team Hell No was the perfect team to pair with Ryback to deliver a great match against The Shield.

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