Kane Enlists 'Woken' Matt Hardy For Mayoral Campaign Event

Kane seems to have recruited the eccentric talents of Woken Matt Hardy to help further his campaign to become the mayor of Knox County.

Kane returned to WWE a while ago now and it's come as quite a shock to many that The Big Red Machine is still around. That's because in 2018 there will be an election to decide whether Glenn Jacobs, the man behind the Kane mask, will become the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. You'd have thought that all of his time and effort right now would currently be dedicated to his campaign.


Somehow though Kane has found the time in his schedule to appear on Raw each week, plus will take on Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman in a triple threat for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble in a few weeks time. When he returned to take part in the main event at TLC, it felt like a short-term thing because of everything above but that has not turned out to be the case.

Kane's mayoral campaign is far from on hold though. The former WWE Champion has an event coming up on Jan. 25, 2017, and he has recruited an interesting friend to help him sell tickets, Matt Hardy—whom he had a heated rivalry with in 2004 over the affections of Lita. Not just any Matt Hardy either, judging by the information supplied—which you can find here at 411 Mania—it will be the Woken version of the pro wrestling veteran.

Kane was recently a guest on Jim Ross's podcast The Ross Report and spoke about how he doesn't care about voters or his opponents knowing about his pro wrestling career. He astutely pointed out that if he doesn't try to hide it, there is less chance that others will try to use it against him. Well, now it seems not only is he not trying to hide it, but he's actually flipping the script and using his friends in the business to help further his campaign.

We currently live in a world where famous people are running for office and winning due to their celebrity status. That's not a bad thing if those celebrities are invested in politics and know what they're talking about. Kane, or rather Glenn Jacobs, seems as if he knows a lot about the world of politics. Here's hoping that his campaign proves to be a successful one, and that the event featuring Woken Matt Hardy is a wonderful one.


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Kane Enlists 'Woken' Matt Hardy For Mayoral Campaign Event