The Bullet Club May Not Like Kane's New Mayoral Campaign Shirt

It seems that Kane is riding on the popularity of Japanese wrestling by lifting their designs for some of his campaign t-shirts.

Glenn Jacobs, better known by his in-ring persona Kane, has released a pair of t-shirts to promote his campaign for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. The first shirt is stylized after the old Raw Is War logo of the late 90s, but the second shirt looks suspiciously familiar to those fans following the New Japan Pro Wrestling circuit.

The white font and bracing chevrons look exactly like the pro-wrestling group Bullet Club.

Bullet Club primarily operates out of NJPW, but have been found in the US competing in Ring of Honor. They remain extremely popular in the independent wrestling circuits found all over the world.

Jacobs has been known to use his Kane persona in his campaign material—such as having flames on pamphlets as a reference to Kane’s pyromania—but this is the first time he’s gone outside WWE for his political run.


Kane has only recently returned to the WWE due to Jacob’s campaign run for Mayor of Knox County, throwing his hat into the political ring after decades in the wrestling ring. Although he remains much more as soft-spoken as his wrestling character, he’s been remarkably successful ditching Kane’s cruel and insane image for a far more friendly face.


His gap-toothed, “aw-shucks” smile sits well with the people of Tennessee, where Jacobs is running as a Republican candidate. He and his family moved to Knoxville in 2013 and soon became a fixture of the community, participating in local events and politics.

The current mayor, Tim Burchett, is set to exit office in August 2018 due to term limits. The county runs heavily Republican; Trump defeated Hillary by 24 percentage points in the 2016 election.

Running on primarily Libertarian principles, Jacobs has appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars as well as Fox Business news to discuss his political ideology. He was briefly floated as a potential Tea Party candidate for Senate in 2014, but Jacobs turned them down.


Jacobs now joins a shortlist of wrestlers-turned-politicians. Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota in 1999 as a Reform Party candidate, while Linda McMahon, former CEO of the WWE and wife to Vince McMahon, tried to get into US Senate in Connecticut twice. She failed both times but currently serves under President Trump as the Administrator of Small Business.


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