Kane Thinks He Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Kane was recently asked who he believes should be in the WWE Hall of Fame and gave an incredibly honest answer. Himself.

There are certain tiers of prestige that anyone who wants to get into the business likely dreams of as they're on the come up. The first one is breaking in, then having their first match, and for most, making their debut for WWE. From there it'll be goals such as winning their first title, and then their first World Championship.

Perhaps the biggest honor of all, and one that is only reserved for a select few is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. At around this time every year, with the Road to WrestleMania just around the corner, fans begin to debate who should be inducted on this go-around. It causes lively debate as there will always be names not yet in the hall who some believe deserve to be.

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TMZ Sports recently caught up with Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane in wrestling circles, and asked his opinion on who should be in the HOF. The Big Red Machine's admirably honest answer? Himself. After saying "maybe me" and laughing it off, Kane added that there is still a long list of stars who deserve to go in but didn't mention specific names.

Although there are now multiple exceptions to this, there's an unwritten rule in WWE that a Superstar has to be retired before they can become a HOFer. It's why stars such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and yes, Kane, aren't in there yet. All four of them will unquestionably be HOFers one day, it's just a question of when Vince McMahon believes them to be well and truly done performing in the ring.

But, as we said, there are more and more exceptions to that unwritten rule with each passing year. Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, all examples of wrestlers who have competed for WWE after being inducted into the HOF. As for Kane, we think he'll have to wait. Who knows? Perhaps he and The Undertaker will be inducted together, or at least as a part of the same class.

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