Keep It Clean: 15 Wrestlers You Won't Believe Never Took Steroids

As most of you are probably well aware, professional wrestling was (and still is to some extent) a looks-based industry. The more imposing and shredded you were, the better the chances of you making it to the top of the business - at least that's how it used to be. Nowadays, you don't particularly have to possess the body of a sculpted bodybuilder to make it in the wrestling biz, as the likes of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Bray Wyatt have all "made it" so to speak without having a great physique.

With that said, a bulk majority of wrestlers in WWE all try their hardest to look as imposing as they possibly can, as Vince McMahon is known to appreciate a "hard body". Just look at Jinder Mahal, a guy who went from a career jobber to a main event performer partly due to the fact that he completely changed his physique (yes, yes, I know - the India expansion project was the biggest factor). Most of WWE's biggest names all had (and have) great physiques, and considering the likes of Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger and Edge among others have admitted to steroid usage, it's become common knowledge that many wrestlers take steroids to enhance their appearance.

However, not all muscular and jacked wrestlers take steroids to achieve their size, as today's article delves into 15 wrestlers you won't believe never took (or take) steroids.

15 The Big Show

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"The World's Largest Athlete" The Big Show is one of the greatest big men in pro-wrestling history, no doubt. Although many fans have grown tired of seeing Big Show perform in WWE considering he's been overused for many years now (as well as the constant heel/face turns), the fact remains that Paul Wight is exceptionally talented for his size, and his impact on the wrestling business is immense to say the least.

Recently, The Big Show got himself into likely the greatest shape of his life preparing for his rumored WrestleMania 33 battle with Shaquille O'Neil which unfortunately never happened, and his results aren't because of steroid usage, but because of his hard work and extreme dedication to the gym. Show has never been busted for using steroids, and it can almost be guaranteed that this giant is all natural which is truly impressive.

14 Rusev

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Without question, Rusev is one of the WWE's most underrated (and misused) wrestlers in the company's history. Weighing in at roughly 300 pounds, possessing the strength of a bear and having the agility/mobility of a Cruiserweight, Rusev is a rare find - comparable to the late Umaga who shared many of Rusev's qualities as a performer.

Unlike other wrestlers who have been busted for using steroids including the likes of Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy, Rusev appears to be all natural - and he has been even since his powerlifting days prior to becoming a WWE Superstar which is quite remarkable given his size and strength. With how talented of a wrestler Rusev is, it's quite disappointing to see how the WWE has treated "The Bulgarian Brute" thus far. Let's just hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Rusev in WWE.

13 Kane

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Whether or not Kane deserves to be heavily featured on WWE programming in 2017, "The Big Red Machine" is a legend who's had a phenomenal run in the company for over 20 years now. Perhaps he's nowhere near as imposing as he was say 10 years ago (also partly WWE's fault for booking him shoddily), but Kane's still scarier than half the WWE's current roster, and it's likely that Braun Strowman's the only man who boasts a more intimidating presence.

Kane has always been renowned for being extremely strong, as even the likes of Brock Lesnar have went on record to state that Kane's extraordinarily strong, and in Lesnar's testimony, "had arms like tree trunks" after failing to defeat Kane in an alleged arm wrestling contest. Kane's certainly one of those naturally huge and strong guys, as he could literally chokeslam 200 plus pound men with one arm.

12 Cesaro

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Cesaro is truly a "Swiss Superman", and he's the pound for pound strongest wrestler in the WWE today. Able to manhandle opponents twice his size such as The Great Khali and The Bigshow, Cesaro possesses the strength of a superhero hence why his nickname's fitting.

Although some fans may be quick to jump the gun and assume that Cesaro's "juicing" to achieve not only his physique but his size, the fact remains he achieved his superhuman attributes by putting in countless hours in the gym working incredibly hard (just search one of his workout sessions on YouTube - you'll see why he is the way he is). Though Cesaro has found decent success alongside Sheamus as "The Bar" tag team on Monday Night Raw, many fans including myself are still hoping that Cesaro will eventually get his opportunity to shine as a top tier singles star vying for the WWE or Universal Championship.

11 Big E

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Big E is just that, big - and naturally big to boot. The former professional powerlifter is by far one of the strongest Superstars on the current WWE roster, and he also boasts one of the most impressive physiques. Perhaps some fans may question whether or not Big E's natural upon first glance, but when you look back to Big E's stint as a powerlifter, you'd soon realize that he's a clean and drug-free athlete.

The USAPL is no slacker when it comes to testing their athletes, and Big E never failed a drug test which is relieving. Big E trains like an absolute monster in the gym, and it's due to his hard work and vigorous diet that he appears so buff. Once The New Day tag team runs its course, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Vince pushes Big E to the moon - it was once rumored that Big E was one of the candidates to be the "Face Of The Company" along with Roman Reigns.

10 Sheamus

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"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus is quite a large guy. Although he doesn't appear all too imposing on television, the fact remains Sheamus is incredibly buff (his pale complexion lessons his intimidating physique - imagine if he was tanned). Regardless, Sheamus has never been busted for taking any performance enhancing drugs, and his physique looks natural unlike some of the other rumored steroid users including Scott Steiner, Chris Masters, Eddie Guerrero among others.

Sheamus is quite simply a naturally large wrestler, as he's 6'4 weighing 267 pounds. Though Sheamus never really "took off" following any of his WWE or World Title reigns, we can't deny the fact that he's very talented for a guy his size, and I'd argue that he's truly underrated. I think we should all appreciate Sheamus while he's still around, because at 39 years old, his career will begin to slow down pretty soon.

9 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker is one of if not the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. Having a career spanning over two decades all while performing at nearly every annual WrestleMania, The Undertaker's career speaks for itself. Long regarded as being one of the most respected performers in WWE, The Undertaker has never been linked to any form of steroid or performance enhancing drugs which is definitely one of the reasons as to why he's respected by his peers.

The Undertaker will be thoroughly missed once he decides to retire permanently from Sports Entertainment, and next year's Raw 25th anniversary (January 22nd, 2018) may very well be his last appearance (providing he doesn't return from the dead to wrestle another match at next year's WrestleMania). Regardless, 'Taker's a first ballot Hall Of Famer, and next year may be his calling.

8 Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman is by far one of the WWE's greatest creations. Standing at 6'8 weighing 385 pounds, Strowman is a force to be reckoned with. When Braun had originally made his debut, many fans were completely skeptical as to how far he could go in the WWE due to being green and clumsy like The Great Khali, but Strowman has since silenced the critics and has amassed a large following for being exceptionally talented in all aspects.

The former strongman has never had the need to use steroids, as he's naturally an enormous human being - he can thank his dad for the good genes considering Braun looks identical to him. Without question, Braun's deserving of a Universal Championship run in the future, and I can almost guarantee you that a feud between the new Universal Champ Roman Reigns and Strowman is upon the horizon following WrestleMania 34.

7 Titus O'Neil

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Perhaps Titus O'Neil has had a fairly lackluster WWE career thus far, but we cannot deny the fact that O'Neil has a fantastic (and natural) physique. Titus certainly has the look of a top-tier WWE Superstar, but his wrestling ability and horrendous promo work is what continues to hold him back from rising to the top. That said, considering Titus is 40 years old, it's highly unlikely that he'll ever rise above the low midcard despite possessing a good look.

Prior to becoming a wrestler, O'Neil performed as a football player for the University of Florida Gators, and taking into account he was never busted for steroid usage then and hasn't been since joining the WWE, I think it's safe to assume that Titus has achieved his impressive size with hard work and a good diet. With his current position in WWE slowly changing from a wrestler to a manager for other wrestlers, it's becoming clear that Titus O'Neil's in-ring career is coming to an end unfortunately.

6 Triple H

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Now before some of you blast me for stating Triple H was never on steroids, allow me to clarify. Hunter has admitted himself that he was on steroids before, but not for the reason most of you would imagine. The only reason Triple H took steroids (around 2001) was because doctors prescribed him medical steroids - his torn quadriceps required medical steroids to strengthen and heal.

Other than that one occasion, Triple H has stayed clean and he hasn't failed the Wellness Policy once.  However, I too must admit that it's quite shocking that Hunter hasn't taken steroids for muscle growth considering his impressive physique, but after watching a few of HHH's training sessions on YouTube, I quickly realized how he's able to look the way he does even at 48 years old. Although Triple H married well, his hard work and determination has been a key factor in why he's been successful in WWE thus far.

5 Ron Simmons

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Although Ron Simmons used to possess an incredibly buff body, the former WCW World Champion was never busted for steroid usage throughout his entire career - the only thing he's been busted for is drinking beer and smoking cigars with the good ol' boy, JBL. Similar to Titus O'Neil, prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Simmons was a football player for the Florida State Seminoles, the Cleveland Browns and finally, the Tampa Bay Bandits - not once was he busted for steroids.

Instead, like everyone else on this list, Ron Simmons aka Faarooq trained hard to achieve his size and big "guns". Ron was the first-ever African American WCW Champion which is an incredible achievement, and he was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame back in 2012. I'd definitely say Simmons paved the way for the likes of Booker T who too eventually became WCW World Champion.

4 Bobby Lashley

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Now some of you may be skeptical when it comes to Bobby Lashley considering he totally looks like he could be on the juice, but over time, Lashley has proven to be natural and steroid-free. Performing not only in professional wrestling but also in MMA, Bobby Lashley has not once been busted for using steroids - at one point (2009), Lashley was scheduled to face Ken Shamrock in an MMA match, but Shamrock had tested positive for anabolic steroids thus canceling their match, where as Lashley passed with no issue.

Even former wrestlers (Kevin Nash to be specific) had assumed Lashley was on steroids due to his freakish size and build, but again, there are no facts to back up any of those claims. Instead, Lashley is a rare example of an athlete who looks juiced to the gills who actually isn't on "the gear" - this just goes to show how hard Bobby trains in the gym. Quite incredible if you ask me considering he still looks phenomenal at 41 years old.

3 Batista

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Similar to Bobby Lashley, Batista possesses the look of a guy who appears unnaturally big upon first glance. Jacked to the absolute gills, Batista boasts one of the greatest and most impressive physiques in pro-wrestling history. Although some believed Batista was on the juice in his early years (around the time WWE was going through the whole steroid controversy), Batista has strongly denied these allegations and has stated that he was in full compliance with the WWE's Wellness Policy. To add credibility to his claims, Batista was never suspended from the WWE for steroid usage, where as his former Evolution stablemate Randy Orton was. It's clear that Batista's unusual (in a good way), because achieving his physique without the help of steroids is incredibly hard - nearly impossible.

2 John Cena

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"The Face That Runs The Place" John Cena has the physique of a bodybuilder - and fittingly, Cena was a bodybuilder prior to becoming the WWE's biggest star of the 2000's. Shredded to the bone, John Cena has to rank among the most ripped wrestlers in WWE history, and he still looks unnaturally large at 40 years old which speaks volumes in regards to Cena's work ethic, considering he strongly claims that he's natural and steroid-free.

It should come as no surprise that Cena has his fair share of haters, and over they years, countless people have made statements in regards to John's body and that steroids were the only answer as to why he looks the way he does. However, when asked point-blank by Chris Jericho on his podcast back in 2015 if he took steroids, John Cena replied with a firm "no" (this isn't the only occasion Cena's denied steroid usage).

1 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar is an absolute freak of nature, and there's no denying that notion! Standing at 6'3 weighing 291 pounds, Brock possesses the strength and power of a superhuman. Right from his debut in 2002 all the way up until right now, Brock Lesnar has dominated his competition with the utmost ease (though he has lost a few times here and there).

As I'm sure most of you are aware, Brock was in fact suspended by the UFC last year for testing positive for a banned substance, and though Lesnar's critics were quick to hop on the notion that Brock was banned for steroids, it later came out that the substance Lesnar was banned for was not steroids, and was rather a female fertility drug. Prior to that occasion, Brock never failed a drug test in the UFC or WWE, and though he was arrested in 2001 for carrying a large amount of steroids, similar to his 2016 UFC drug bust, the contents were not actually steroids. That's right folks, Brock is a natural beast.

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