Former WWE Star Ken Shamrock Wants A Match With Brock Lesnar

Former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock is angling for a WWE return, and thinks a match with current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would be a great idea.

Ken Shamrock has been out of the WWE for eighteen years now. However, every now and again, despite being 53 years of age, the former UFC star drops all sorts of hints that he would welcome a return to the squared circle and relive the golden years of the Attitude Era. Ken's latest reasoning is that he believes a match between himself and fellow UFC alumni Brock Lesnar would be a great idea.

Shamrock and Lesnar are not only pretty far apart in age - there's a fourteen year difference - but Shamrock can't compare to Brock in terms of physical ability. Yes, both men have legitimate and impressive MMA backgrounds, which is one of the corner stones of Shamrock's argument for the match, but the former Intercontinental Champion's heyday is much more of a distant memory than Brock's.

Shamrock appeared on Primo Nutmeg's podcast earlier this week and it was the host that steered Ken down the path of talking about a potential WWE return, asking if he'd like to face Brock at SummerSlam or WrestleMania. The two of them also discussed who Shamrock liked working with most during his stint with WWE as well as the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

While Shamrock was never pushed to the moon and made WWE champion during his time with the company, he was still an integral part of their success in the Attitude Era. Vince McMahon attempted, and succeeded, to produce a pro wrestling product that felt raw and real. At the time no one on the roster was more real than Ken Shamrock, as he had literally been plucked from a sport that saw competitors actually fighting against one another.


Ken Shamrock's availability to WWE came around just at the right time. While in 1996 the Ultimate Fighter was exactly what they were looking for, in 2017 it's not so much. Especially when that Ultimate Fighter has been there and done that already and is over 50 years old. Shamrock versus Lesnar simply wouldn't be a believable wrestling match in this day and age. WWE is more in the business of putting their Beast in the ring with Superstars they have longer term plans for, like Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe.

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