Kenny Dykstra Fired From His Day Job Due To WWE Appearances

Kenny Dykstra of The Spirit Squad was recently fired from his day job at a non-profit organization after missing time because of his WWE commitments, according to the Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Dykstra was working as a director for the charity for missing an excessive amount of days. Dykstra was understanding of the situation. Dykstra returned to WWE in October, re-adopting his former gimmick as Kenny of The Spirit Squad alongside Mikey and feuding with former Squad member Dolph Ziggler.

Dykstra understands why he was fired, but feels trying to get re-signed by WWE and living out his dream was worth the risk. He still isn't signed to a full-time WWE contract. After such a sacrifice, let's hope Dykstra is able to land a full-time deal with the company.

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