Kenny Omega Claims That AJ Styles Saved His Career

If it wasn't for AJ Styles, then Kenny Omega may have quit the pro wrestling business a long time ago—and that's coming from The Cleaner himself.

Whether you're a fan of today's wrestling style, what we saw during the Attitude Era, or even the classic style prior to that, if you watch the product today then it's hard to argue against Kenny Omega being one of the best in the world right now. The Cleaner consistently puts on world-class matches no matter who, or sometimes what, he has standing opposite from him in the ring.

The latest recipient of Omega's world-class in-ring ability was, of course, Chris Jericho. Last week the two went one on one in one of the most highly anticipated matches of the modern era. Y2J seems to be on a quest to wrestle all of the world's best young stars and Omega was one of the last ones, and he doesn't seem to be coming to WWE anytime soon. That's why Jericho instead went to Omega's home turf and took him on in New Japan instead.


In a roundabout way, the man we need to thank for that incredible match last week is AJ Styles. Let us explain. Title Match Wrestling recently posted an interview with Omega during which The Cleaner spoke of a time when he almost gave up on wrestling. In fact what he believed was going to be his last match was against none other than AJ Styles. Omega wrestled The Phenomenal One and it opened his eyes to what he could be as a wrestler.

"If there are more guys like AJ out there, I need to keep up with this," Omega recalled thinking after his match with the current WWE Champion. For most fans right now, a Styles versus Omega bout is the ultimate dream match. Not only has it already happened, albeit before Omega was a big name and a polished performer, but it actually rescued the current IWGP US Champion from dropping out of the business completely. Surely one day this story has to come full circle with these two meeting inside the ring once again.


AJ Styles proved to those outside of WWE looking in that if you have the talent, you will be treated the right way by Vince McMahon. The Phenomenal One has been with the company for less than two years yet is now one of their most valuable assets. It's hard to imagine that Omega wouldn't be treated in the same way, and hopefully, that realization will lead to him one day joining WWE's ranks.

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