Kenny Omega Unexpectedly Answers Roman Reigns' Challenge

There are plenty of dream matches fans would want to see in professional wrestling. Roman Reigns vs. Kenny Omega might not have been high on the priority list, that is, until the two bumped into each other on social media.

Reigns was posting on Twitter suggesting that no matter where WWE tries to pit him against Brock Lesnar, Reigns is game to fight even though he was defeated at WrestleMania 34 this past Sunday. WWE has scheduled a rematch for the April 27, 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble event and Reigns responded with “Any show. Any city. Any country. Any opponent,” as a way to show he’s not intimidated by anything WWE throws his way.

A surprising wrestler responded to his tweet.

Kenny Omega essentially called Reigns out by suggesting Reigns might not be willing to wrestle anyone, anywhere. A simple “Really?” was all it took to get fans thinking this is battle that could have some steam. Within hours, thousands of people liked Omega’s comment.

Omega is arguably the most popular wrestler not in WWE and he’s grown in popularity, not only because he can wrestle, but partially because he’s quick to call out WWE and their stars, essentially piggybacking on their reach. It only makes sense that Omega saw an opportunity hear and ran with it.

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Whether Roman Reigns responds remains to be seen but if he does, it’s likely to open a can of worms and a dialogue back and forth that may never lead to a match.

WWE is not quick to promote independent stars who use these opportunities to call out their talent. Should Omega ever sign with WWE, it would be the first thing on their to-do list. Until then, it will likely stay a match the WWE Universe would love to see but probably never will.

Reigns vs. Omega would be a dream match for fans and fans both outside WWE and within would probably look forward to Reigns getting outshined by Omega.

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