Omega Compares Jericho Fight To One Of Biggest WWE Matches Ever

The build to Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega really kicked up a notch this week and The Cleaner believes it has the feel of Hogan vs Savage.

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest matches of 2018, and we're still in 2017! There has been a buzz around the bout ever since Y2J showed up on New Japan Pro Wrestling and challenged The Cleaner to a match at the promotion's biggest event of the year.

That buzz has been multiplied tenfold this week as Jericho showed up at NJPW's World Tag League Final and brutally attacked his Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent. Shortly after Omega sought out revenge on his attacker, finding him conducting a press conference and having to be dragged off of him after getting a few shots in. Needless to say, the build to this super match has been incredible.


Omega recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the Jericho match and more specifically the build-up to it since its announcement. Omega likened it to the build to Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage's match at WrestleMania V. He certainly has a point. While the basis of the rivalry is very different, modern-day pro wrestling doesn't build to matches like they used to. The interactions and slow build to Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega feels like a real throwback to a time when feuds weren't rushed and instead left to simmer and fester over time.

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Although, as mentioned above, the basis of Omega and Jericho's rivalry is very different to that of Hogan and Savage, The Cleaner did draw a further, rather amusing parallel between the two. "Yeah, it is a little Hogan/Macho Man, with Don Callis playing the role of Elizabeth," Omega joked. Callis is a color commentator for New Japan and ate a Codebreaker from his real-life good friend Y2J when he tried to stop him further hurting Omega earlier this week.

Vince McMahon may supposedly ignore anything that happens in pro wrestling beyond the realms of WWE, but he really should be paying attention to what's going on between Omega and Jericho right now. Hopefully, Jericho will return to WWE once he's done and point out to McMahon that angles such as this one still work and maybe change his way of thinking when it comes to his own present-day product.


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