Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela Rematch Announced For Tonight's Dynamite

Kenny Omega versus Joey Janela was so good on AEW Dark that a rematch has been booked for tonight's Dynamite in Pittsburgh.

Wrestling promotions of old have been criticized for overexposing themselves and trying to saturate the market with nothing but their own product. WCW did it when it started airing Thunder as well as Nitro. WWE has been doing it for years, ever since it added that third hour onto the end of Raw. Those examples were why the announcement of AEW Dark worried us.

However, so far, we have been pleasantly surprised by the show. That's because it isn't necessary viewing. It's a supplemental hour, added to YouTube on Tuesdays, which wrestling fans can watch if they like, but skip if they don't fancy it. For the most part, it features nothing but wrestling, and if anything happens that changes the course of an angle, we'll be told the next night on Dynamite.

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All of that being said, last week's Dark was unmissable. More specifically, its main event. Kenny Omega versus Joey Janela in an unsanctioned match. The bout is being lauded as a Match of the Year contender (at least by us here at TheSportster). On the flip side, some fans have questioned why the wrestlers would do so much on a show being viewed by so few people.

That being said, the first two episodes of Dark have racked up more than 900,000 views each. Plus, Omega versus Janela has been dubbed so good that the pair will have a rematch tonight. This time around, the match will take place on Dynamite airing live from Pittsburgh. However, there is currently no word on whether the rematch will be unsanctioned like the original.

Unsanctioned means a couple of things in AEW. As with everywhere else, it means there are no rules. However, in AEW's case, it also means the result does not count towards a wrestler's win/loss record. Disappointing for Omega as not only did he win the first match with Janela, but his record could do with a couple more checks in the win column. He'll be hoping Jon Moxley is preoccupied with PAC tonight and hence won't get involved in his match with Janela.

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