Kenny Omega Hasn't Been Cleared To Wrestle Following Clash With Jon Moxley

Kenny Omega claims he hasn't received the green light to return to the ring in the wake of his astonishing, unsanctioned match against John Moxley at Full Gear this past Saturday.

The two stars put each other through hell on the night, having finally clashed in an actual match and, despite the loss, Omega considers it a win because Moxley did not kill him.

"I lost and doctors won’t clear me for TV," he tweeted on Sunday. "The problem is that you left me alive and I’ll be back. I win."

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Moxley had been looking forward to facing Kenny for some time. A returning staph infection left him unable to suit up against the former NJPW star in the last PPV but he's finally gotten his fight.

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“I’d say this is definitely the money match right now,” he declared ahead of the clash. “You can tell when there’s a spark between two guys in the ring and there’s this combustible energy, an electricity you can feel. Our lives intersecting at this exact moment, it’s hugely fortunate for all involved. It seems like fate.”

Mox had already shown the lengths he was willing to go when he took on Joey Janela in an unsanctioned match during Fyter Fest at the end of June. His match against Kenny saw him take things up a notch as barbed wire, mousetraps, brooms, a chain, and an ice pick come into play.

Get Cleared Soon, Kenny

While we aren't certain Omega is indeed being kept out of action by doctors, we do wish him a speedy recovery.

By the looks of things, he already wants back in so he's probably not doing that badly. So let's see how this goes.

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