Kenny Omega Retaliates To Jericho's Attack At Press Event [VIDEO]

Kenny Omega got his revenge following an attack from Chris Jericho by blindsiding Y2J at a Wrestle Kingdom 12 press conference.

Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest and best matches of the year, and it isn't even 2018 yet! Fans were led to believe that the video package to kick off this feud would be the only time Y2J would appear on New Japan television, but over the past few days, we have been pleasantly surprised.

At NJPW's World Tag League Final on Monday, Jericho once again appeared on the titantron, sarcastically slow clapping The Elite's win over Chaos. Then the lights went out and when they came back on Jericho was standing behind The Cleaner. A brutal attack ensued which left Kenny bloodied and added an unreal amount of fuel to the fire that is the feud between the two.


You'd have thought that epic angle would have been it until the two meet in the Tokyo Dome on Jan. 4, 2018,  but no. Just a day later Omega sought out some revenge and he got it. While Jericho was conducting a Wrestle Kingdom 12 press conference Omega burst into the room and unleashed a brutal attack of his own. Various people in the room attempted to pry the two of them apart and managed to eventually succeed after most of the stage had been torn apart.

Jericho continued the press conference after a bandaged up Omega was dragged from the room, but it had taken a turn. Naturally, Y2J was pretty angry by this point and even snapped at someone off camera who was laughing. He warned that this match with The Cleaner on Jan. 4, 2018, won't be about stars or finishers, it'll simply be a fight. Jericho also promised that after the match Omega will be done in New Japan.


Omega vs Jericho was already one of the biggest angles in pro wrestling right now, but thanks to the past 48 hours it has reached a nuclear level. Geographical differences made it seem that altercations between the two couldn't happen before Jan. 4, 2017,  but we should have known that Jericho would make it happen. These past two days have made a great feud even better and wrestling fans around the world will be wishing away these next three weeks so that we can see it all go down at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

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Kenny Omega Retaliates To Jericho's Attack At Press Event [VIDEO]