Omega Hits Back At Reigns For Claiming He's The Best Wrestler In The World

Kenny Omega thinks Roman Reigns claims that he's the best wrestler in the world are laughable and labeled the comment 'ridiculous.'

Who deserves the label of best pro wrestler in the world is a topic that is hotly debated. Right now many would answer that question with AJ Styles. Now that The Phenomenal One has proved that he can do it in WWE and has so many more eyes on him, it's hard to argue that fact. There are plenty of other names in the conversation though such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Kenny Omega, and Kazuchika Okada.

One man that probably isn't on many fans' list is Roman Reigns. Take nothing away from The Big Dog, he is doing a terrific job in WWE right now, whether you like it or not, but he is not the best wrestler in the world. Reigns thinks differently though. On the new WWE Network show Straight To The Source the three-time WWE Champion labeled himself 'the best performer in-ring in the world right now'. That's a pretty bold statement.


One man already mentioned in this article does not agree with Reigns' braggadocios claim, and that man is Kenny Omega. The topic arose during a recent interview The Cleaner conducted with Bleacher Report and Omega was not shy about giving his two cents. 'I don't know if Roman was put up to saying a comment like that from a social media team or if it was something that he consciously thought of himself', Omega told BR. The Cleaner also added that it sounds 'ridiculous' and that 'there's no possible way' Reigns can actually believe that.


Comparing Omega and Reigns right now is a very tough task. Not only are they competing for different companies and may never wrestle each other, their styles are also very different. While Omega's talent is there for everyone to see every time he steps inside the ring, many fans underappreciate Reigns. Aside from his match with The Undertaker, which unfortunately is one that will be remembered for the rest of his career, it's hard to pin point a bout of The Big Dog's that hasn't been really, really good.


Omega made the comments that he did in response to Reigns' claim because he believed them to be direct shots at him. Only one man knows whether that's the case or not and that's the man who made them. Whether they were or not though, claiming you're the best wrestler in the world is a very big-headed thing to do, especially when there are people like Kenny Omega wrestling in that same world.

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Omega Hits Back At Reigns For Claiming He's The Best Wrestler In The World