Kevin Nash Talks About Issues He Had With CM Punk During Their Feud

Kevin Nash is one of the most outspoken wrestlers in the business, and now he opens up about issues he had with his feud against CM Punk.

When WWE Hall of Famer and former nWo member Kevin Nash returned to the company in 2011, it was expected that he would feud with some of the top young talents to help get them over. This was expected to include World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.

Punk became the WWE Champion at Summerslam 2011, only for Nash to come out and brutally attack him. That helped Alberto Del Rio cash in his Money in the Bank and easily defeat Punk for the title.

That was supposed to be the writing on the wall for a Kevin Nash feud with CM Punk, but the WWE quickly moved away from their beef and went in different directions. To this day, many are wondering why the match never took place.

Well, Nash finally shed some light on the mystery. Appearing on X-Pac's podcast (via, here's what Nash had to say about not facing Punk back in 2011, in part.


“I don’t know if Punk wanted [the match] to happen. To me, when I came back...I’m reading the script and in the script he is burying me and I have no rebuttal."

Via Pro Wrestling Smackdown

Punk also called out Nash for his comments on Eddie Guerro, and it seemed like the Hall of Famer wasn't a fan of some of Punk's comments.


"First thing in my mind was, because he told me that this isn’t 1997 anymore and I’m the guy that called Eddie Guerrero a Vanilla Midget; and I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, number one thank God it’s not 1997 because if it was 1997 right now you would be out with the marks in the crowd and not standing here because we didn’t allow the marks to wrestle back then,” Nash said. “Number two, I am old, so you have two options; either you go in the back—I’ll give you three, you go in the back and call it a day, second, you wait for me to get up there and apologize to me, or third, off script let’s see what you got. I would have loved to have seen what he would have done if I just went up and bear clawed him right to the face; but Paul was the boss.”

In storyline, Nash was to face CM Punk at Night of Champions. But Punk cut promos where he was insulting both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, which caused The Game to book himself over Punk instead of Nash.

Instead of facing Punk, Nash would have brief feuds with Santino Marella and Triple H, before quietly disappearing from WWE television for the next couple of years. He is under a WWE legends contract and makes continues to make occasional appearances.


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Kevin Nash Talks About Issues He Had With CM Punk During Their Feud