Kevin Owens Blasts Fans For Taking Photos Of Him Without Permission

A recent incident involving Kevin Owens and a fan after a picture taken without his permission led to a somewhat civil conversation on Twitter about the right—and the wrong —way for fans to approach their favorite WWE superstars.

The fan/celebrity relationship is, at times, a difficult one to navigate. Yes, celebrities are in the public eye and without fans they would not be able to do the job they are doing and make the money they are making doing it. But they are still people and they feel, rightly so, that they do deserve some modicum of privacy and respect from those fans.

Paul Newman was once asked for an autograph while he was using a urinal in a men’s bathroom and from that moment on he never signed another autograph.

Among WWE superstars there are some that are some wrestlers that come across as more willing to engage with their fans than others as well.


There was a recent incident involving a fan approaching Sasha Banks at the airport, which she talked about on the Sam Roberts Podcast and compared it to stalking. Banks said that she is more than happy to sign autographs at the arena where she is performing, "But when I’m at an airport at four in the morning and I see somebody with a carry-on and they open it with a hundred items of everyone and they’re bothering everybody to get an autograph, and I see it on eBay – that’s not okay to me."


To which Bubba Ray Dudley shot back:

So, obviously there are different opinions about this, which brings us back to Kevin Owens and his recent encounter, or should we I say, non-encounter. It began when a fan tweeted at him that his girlfriend had just spotted him and that he should go, "full heel" on her. Owens replied that she had already gone "full heel" on him by trying to sneak a picture of him and his daughter without asking permission, "like a decent person." Another tweeter to respond that "maybe she didn't want to bother you?" and that Owens would have probably been just as mad had she interrupted his family time.


This lead to a conversation about how Owens likes to be asked before someone just takes his picture—especially if he is with his family. He might not always say yes, but being asked politely will never make him angry and is always the way to go.

A couple other fans chime in and make some comments that show they really hadn't read what Owens had written or just didn't understand what he was saying—which lead to one, well-deserved "numbnuts" comment from KO. But otherwise, the conversation was balanced, genuine and thoughtful, which is kind of rare on Twitter.

So there you have it, folks. Always ask before snapping a picture of someone famous. Who knows, it could lead to a nice conversation. You might not always get a "yes" but it's important to remember that these are still people who have thoughts and feelings, always be respectful.


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