Kevin Owens Explains Why He Left WWE Tour

Thankfully, it looks like there's nothing to worry about regarding Kevin Owens' standing in the WWE. And it also seems that he isn't one of several wrestlers who are currently dealing with an unexpected illness. While it is true that KO was pulled from this weekend’s WWE house shows in South America, the “personal reasons” that were cited have nothing to do with creative frustration, illness, or injury, and everything to do with Owens' family.

In a bulletin posted on Friday and quoted by Cageside Seats, it was reported that Owens left Buenos Aires, Argentina earlier that day, and was to miss WWE’s remaining date in Argentina, as well as this weekend’s pair of WWE Live shows in Santiago, Chile. The report simply explained Owens’ absence with the general term “personal reasons,” and given the recent reports suggesting Neville may soon be on his way out of the WWE, a few fans had feared the worst, thinking that the Prizefighter might have also had it with WWE’s booking.


There was also some speculation that Owens might have fallen ill like Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, and Roman Reigns had in recent days and weeks, or perhaps suffered an undisclosed injury. But  Owens took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to briefly explain the reason behind his removal from this weekend’s WWE house shows. In a tweet, KO said that he’s neither sick nor hurt and that his family simply “needed [him] home.” It’s not clear, however, why Owens was needed home while he was with the rest of the SmackDown Live crew in South America.

Things have indeed been all sorts of dicey and strange in the WWE locker room in previous days. Aside from the well-documented saga behind Neville's likely departure from the company, Nia Jax had recently been granted a leave, with rumors suggesting that she too was unhappy about creative decisions and her pay. Then there's been the series of moves necessitated by the recent viral meningitis outbreak in the Monday Night Raw locker room—Reigns' spot in The Shield's match at TLC will be taken by a returning Kurt Angle, while Wyatt, who was scheduled to face Finn Balor, will be replaced by SmackDown's AJ Styles.

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Fortunately, Kevin Owens hasn't been affected by the bug that's sickened several Raw superstars, nor has he been thinking of pulling a Neville, or consulting Cody Rhodes for advice on how to leave WWE for a successful indie career, as has been alleged against several unnamed WWE Superstars. But we certainly hope that the family issues that required Owens to fly back home to Canada aren't anything too serious, and hope that said issues have since been sorted out.

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