Recent Injury To Blame For Kevin Owens Not Working House Shows

Owens ended up missing SmackDown live events on Sunday, January 14th and Monday, January 15th and it's due to the fact that he's injured, according to PWInsider via cagesideseats.com.

The good news is that Owens' injury isn't considered to be serious. It makes sense for WWE to rest him as he gets ready to face off  against AJ Styles with Sami Zayn on January 28th at Royal Rumble in a handicap match.

The last thing WWE need is for Owens to have to miss an extended period of time with so many other big name guys out right now with Royal Rumble set to go down in under two weeks.

Owens was scheduled to make a non-wrestling appearance on last night's SmackDown but ended up not showing.

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Owens recently stated that he would love to win the WWE Championship during an interview with AL.com.

"Honestly, to me, the WWE championship and the Universal championship are the same thing. They're the top championships on the respective brands. If the brand extension were to end or whatever may happen, those titles would just be fused into the WWE championship again. The point is, they mean the same thing. So of course I want to be WWE champion because of what it means, and that means you're the top superstar. I don't think that you necessarily have to be the champion to be the top superstar, but it certainly helps.


"It's an accolade that everybody wants. Who doesn't want to be WWE champion? I was Universal champion, and I'm very proud of that, and that's always going to be a highlight of my career. But of course I want to be WWE champion, just like I want to be tag team champion eventually. All the titles just mean your work is being recognized, and you're seen as someone who can represent the company. That's always very gratifying."

At this point, it almost seems like Owens is destined to win the WWE Championship given the fact that he's held the Universal Championship.

Owens and Zayn recently told Styles that they will end up snatching away the WWE title from him because they're simply better than the Phenomenal One.


I'm really looking forward to seeing whether or not Owens' tag-team partner, Zayn, will allow him to pin Styles, or if he'll want the championship for himself. You never know how things will turn out and WWE could end up driving a wedge between Zayn and Owens with this Royal Rumble handicap match.

Comment below and tell us whether you think Owens will end up winning the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble this month. If not, do you believe he'll win it at some point in 2018?

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