Kevin Owens Wants More Mixed Reactions During His Matches

Kevin Owens wants to split the crowd reaction and get a mix of cheers and boos from the fans just like John Cena and Roman Reigns do.

There are certain higher-ups within the business of pro wrestling that believe the age of heels and faces is one that has passed us by, and a great wrestling match doesn't need a hero on one side of the ring and his or her nemesis on the other to make for a good bout and a good story. That belief is very much opposed but there is evidence that supports it.

You need look no further than John Cena and Roman Reigns for that evidence. For years, fans have been clamoring for both men to turn heel. One of the main reasons they haven't done that is because to many fans they already are heels. When either man comes to the ring there is no reaction like it in modern-day pro wrestling. Half the crowd is cheering while the other half boo (maybe a little more of the latter for Reigns) and the combined ovation almost takes the roof off of arenas around the world.


It might surprise you to hear that Kevin Owens strives for that Reigns/Cena crowd reaction. KO spoke with MLive recently and admitted that 'the best reaction is a mix of both boos and cheers'. "When you're in the ring waiting for your opponent, whether it's John or Roman, you get hit by this crazy noise. It's people almost competing with each other," Owens explained.

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Owens actually already has that to a lesser extent. While on SmackDown Live right now the former Universal Champion is unquestionably a heel, there's no getting around the fact that large chunks of the WWE Universe are big fans of his. However, when KO acts heelish, he is most definitely getting more boos than cheers. Kevin Owens still has a little more work to do to get to that sweet stop crowd reaction that he's striving for.


Wrestlers from previous generations would likely label Owens crazy for actively wanting the split reaction that Roman Reigns gets from the fans. Traditionally you want fans to cheer you when you're a face and boo you when you're a heel, and anything in between means you're not doing your job properly. Times have changed though and it's hard to argue that fact when two of the biggest stars in the company are maintaining their positions on the card partly due to those mixed reactions.

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