Kevin Owens On Who He'd Like To Face At Wrestlemania

With John Cena's injury ruining WWE's plans for a dream match between him and The Undertaker, Kevin Owens was asked who his ideal opponent would be and he responded:

WrestleMania is synonymous with the Undertaker so regardless of what's happened with the streak - it's been broken by now - I still think WrestleMania is the Undertaker's show. So obviously I'd love to throw my name in the hat and try to see if he's still the phenom that he's claimed to be all these years.

As for another dream match between Owens and Brock Lesnar, Owens had this to say:

I don't know. But I'd love to see what happens. I'm all in.

Who would you like to see Owens fight at his Wrestlemania debut?

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