Kevin Owens Has Perfect Response To Randy Orton's Instagram Insult

Randy Orton recently took a shot at Kevin Owens' weight on Instagram, and The Prizefighter had the perfect response for The Viper.

Last week on SmackDown Live, we saw Randy Orton clash with Sami Zayn in the night's main event, the winner of which would earn a place on the brand's team for Survivor Series. Surprisingly, Kevin Owens got involved in the match—it was assumed that he would miss the show to be at home with his family—and tried to help Zayn. It was all in vain though as Orton would overcome the odds to pick up the win and earn his place on Team SmackDown Live.

This seems to be the start of a build to is some sort of rivalry between Owens, Zayn, Orton, and possibly Shinsuke Nakamura since Owens will do battle with him this coming Tuesday night for the second spot on the Survivor Series team. The Viper effectively confirmed an incoming angle with Owens late last week when he took a shot at The Prizefighter on Instagram.

Orton posted a photo of a McDonald's breakfast claiming that he needed it because he's "training for a potential confrontation with @fightowensfight." Not one to take jokes against his weight lightly, Owens responded in kind with a terrific comeback. Owens commented on the photo informing Orton that he had also been training for their showdown as well. KO wrote "I watched paint dry today. I've got you all figured out."

If there's one WWE Superstar you don't want to go head to head with on social media, it's Kevin Owens. KO is a little on the larger side when it comes to your average pro wrestler, but having lived through the social media boom, he will likely have heard every insult in the book. Orton is no slouch on the internet either but in a different way. Orton is at a point in his career when he'll say what he likes, to an extent, and doesn't care about the consequences. All this makes for a great potential Twitter/Instagram feud that will eventually be settled in the ring.

With Jinder Mahal and his WWE Championship tied up in an angle with Brock Lesnar, Orton and Owens need something to do, and it looks like that something will be a rivalry with each other. Once Survivor Series wraps up, you would expect one or both men to focus their attention on Mahal, but as of right now, they may have to go through AJ Styles first.

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