Kevin Owens Praises John Cena Prior To MITB Rematch

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It seems the Kevin Owens we see on camera doesn't feel the same way about John Cena as the real Kevin Owens (real name, Kevin Steen) does. In a recent interview with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show,  Owens praised his opponent for this Sunday, calling him a good wrestler and performer (that's right, IWC).

“Anybody who says that he’s not a very good professional wrestler and a very good performer all around is kidding themselves. I know he gets a lot of years a lot of hate from a lot of people for various reasons, but anybody who denies the talent, John Cena’s talent in the ring is really in denial. He’s a fantastic competitor and you know if it wasn’t made evident by the match and we had at Elimination Chamber it’s going to be made evident again by the match we have at Money in the Bank. I feel like we brought out the best in each other at Elimination Chamber and we’re going to do it again this Sunday but there’s no way I’m leaving Columbus as anything but a winner.”

Owens also spoke about his son being a huge John Cena fan, as he's pointed out on RAW and how it tied in to him signing with the WWE.

“My son’s a big John Cena fan and obviously a big fan of mine who is very proud of everything I’m accomplishing. A big reason why I signed with WWE in the first place was because my son wanted to see me wrestle in WWE and he wanted to see me wrestle John Cena. So now he gets to see it. I don’t know if he realized what it would entail, it would entail me beating up John Cena and John Cena trying to beat me up. I’m sure it is a bit of conflicting feelings here and there for him but he’s proud of everything that’s happening and he’s really loving you know seeing me on WWE TV every week.”

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